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Enter in your comfort zone with high-quality custom-tailoring facility at Marty‘s New Fashion!

Tailoring is an art, which is about giving a new dimension to the personality of the person before you. In these days when most people go for readymade clothing, custom-made tailoring has not yet lost its ground, as it offers the chance to get the attire stitched as per your body measurements. Marty‘s New Fashion at Bangkok is perfect in terms of custom tailoring and we are highly respected for our services in this arena. Our proud customers swear by our sewing skills and we serve both men and women. Everything from blazers, suits, shirts, pants, tuxedo suits, vests, overcoats for men, to dresses, suits, pants, blouses, skirts, overcoats for women, you can get them all perfectly stitched at our shop in Bangkok.

We don‘t shy away from admitting that we‘re the best bespoke tailor in Bangkok, and our artisans are efficient of serving every need and demand of the customers. Today with more people being aware of celeb trends, we often have people at our doorstep asking for designer works, and they just love what they are offered with. Needless to say, we are looking forward to include ‘you’ in our list of valued customers as well. Get the best tailoring facility at Bangkok with Marty‘s!