Fabric Design

Fabrics and their look form the foundation for the creation of appreciable clothing and textiles. Fabric design is the way fabrics appear to the normal person and its attributes like feel and texture, fiber processing and weaving of yarns into fabrics. It’s the effort to give character and definitive appeal to a bundle of threads or yarn and fibers. Designs created on the fabric play an important part in making it more fashionable, creating great custom suits. The craftsmanship, passion, custom and culture, preferences and choice of wearer are either plains, stripes, checks or pictures, motifs and inspired artworks.

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Fabric design is an old form of art that dates back to 3000 BC. The ancients wore patterned clothing, with drawings and inscriptions that depicted life; a means of preserving and propagating customs and culture. Industrial revolution led to era of automated cotton printing works in 1712 by George Leason in Boston.

Fabric design to Thailand tailors is of importance as it renders versatility, quality options and choices. There many fabric designs for different types of occasions, suits, dresses and textiles. It’s important to delve and see what is appropriate for a particular occasion.

Fabric Design Patterns

Fabrics design patterns vary from tailor to tailor as the appeal and demand of such fabrics will dictate. There are significant meanings and occasions though that these designs will find appropriate fitting or use.


Most formal custom suits will engage the look of formality. Plain fabrics are more in tune with that stance. They offer a stylish look of engaging formality.


It gives an outdoor character although for some it can be an informal combination to a nicely designed suit. It produces diagonal and inverted designs that can attract attention and ideal for a day out.


It’s an ideal casual design that can be relaxing and patterned for combination with a variety of apparel and dressing. It’s a dress down kind of design that keeps the sartorial appeal.


They evoke the sentiment of minimalist yet serious attention seeking dress combination. In dress shirts and suits these designs combine attention and the appeal of regal formality. They are also great in custom business suit wear.

There are quite many custom suit fabric design patterns, for Thailand tailors the purpose, impression and profession of the clients can determine choice.

Bespoke, Made to Measure or Off the Rack Suits

Debates still do the rounds especially regarding the hyped classic styles and fits of custom made garments and their exclusive designs. Martysnewfashion and the legacy of Sukhumvit Road in Thailand are undisputed in the world classic of suit style designs. It takes just a few minutes online or personal visit to these stores to actualize the suit design of your dreams.

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However, as with other custom made clothes the attractions and appeal of a personalized taste is subject to debate, question or few challenges here and there. The reality and final picture though speaks and tells the exact reason behind such animated discussions on bespoke, made to measure suit and off the rack suit.

Differences Between Bespoke, Made to Measure and Off the Rack Suits

Suits are the classical sartorial makeover of a man or woman. There are several designs and shapes to the suit. Perhaps, the biggest difference is in the bespoke, made to measure and the off the rack suits. There are several differences and the most notable being;

Fit-Made to Measure and Conceptual Fit

Bespoke, Made to Measure fit the individual it’s crafted for as the fittings rhyme with body structure and posture as opposed to the conceptual fit for the majority of Off the rack suits. A small detail can change a lot in terms of sartorial appearance.

Design-Lapels, Vents, Cuffs, Seam and Pleats

Suit designs across styles may vary little i.e. single breast and double breast, two piece and three piece and such many small design details. But the personal choice of color coordination, tie, accessory or lapel and vent designs may make it the suit of your dreams.

Personalization–Personal Taste and Generalized Taste

Suits are worn for the admiration and the character they bring to the wearers image. Personal taste enhances ones look while maintaining classic difference with generalized taste. Be it accessory and the like of things that make suits special.

Cost-Bespoke, Made to Measure and Off the Rack

Bespoke suits are crafted for personalized appeal. Made to Measure vary in costs and prices. Off the rack suits tend to be cheaper.

Adjustability and Padding-Bespoke, Made to Measure and Off the Rack

Bespoke suits score, surge and dent the aspirations or style pretense of Off the rack suits. There is always opportunity for adjustment with extra encased material.

The quality appeal factor of bespoke suits and made to measure is high compared to Off the rack suits.

Garments, Fabrics and Textiles

Crucial to making any form of dress, pant or even custom made suit is the quality of fabric. Many times however, we hear these three used interchangeably referring to the same material for making custom clothes.

There is a minute but significant difference in the application and reference to these terms. As we search for the right fabric in making that essential part of our dressing ensemble look professionally crafted.

Custom fabrics


These are finished pieces of clothing worn on the outside for fashionable or modesty wear.


These are interlacing fibers yarns and filaments woven, knit, twisted, having properties of cohesiveness and thickness. Fabrics also are braided or spun to create a long piece of cloth.


A material made of natural or synthetic fibers. Textiles can be made from animal materials such as animal wool, silk, plants materials like cotton and linen and synthetic materials such as polyester and rayon.

Distinctive Qualities of Natural Fabrics

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Being made from natural fibers and yarns they offer a breathable cloth that can be comfortable and durable. The fibers are spun into a cohesive form of cloth that gives strength and durability. Wool gives good attributes of breathability.


Natural fabrics are far more comfortable and relaxing than synthetic material cloth. The high degree of care and craft makes these fabrics easier to use in different climates or weather, e.g. cotton and linen in hot or extremely humid conditions.


Any investment in good clothing deserves to serve the purpose to the satisfaction of the customer. Natural fibers spun into coherent mass of cloth provide strong and durable clothing. Worsted wool is durable and reliable.

Bio-degradable and Renewable

Focus on bio-degradable products like fibers helps to strengthen the green environment and recycling. Natural fibers are also renewable and recyclable.

Any form of textile or fabric that for making custom suit should be valuable and comfortable. Wool and linen are naturally generated fabrics.

Custom Suits and Accessories

When one puts tires and fuel into the gas tank, one assumes a car is ready for a long haul drive. Yet when one thinks about the nature and condition of seats, the entertainment and sound system, navigation controls plus the little extras that make for that exciting and safe enjoyable drive, come in the defining accessories that bring out character in much parts of Bangkok tailor custom suits.

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The Watch

A watch to almost all men is much more than a timepiece. Without jewelry men hunker for that stature in watches. For instance, Formal custom suits cannot match with sports watches and more formal dress watches are perfect as they rhyme by reinforcing the way of classical formal dressing.

Briefcase and Bag

Briefcases are part of the custom suit ensemble and bring completeness and wholesome character. Custom suits appeal with a leather briefcase but though recent trends show various types of bags like satchels or clutches for both men and women. Youth prefer these accessories as they give an air of importance and stylishness, clean and organized and just as formal as the leather brief case.

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are of various fabrics especially cotton, linen and silk. There are also different patterns and colors with matching ties. Formal occasions require pocket squares that are best kept simple, elegant and classic. To some it may be nothing but a piece of cloth yet fundamentally it can transform the character and look of the custom suit.


Cuff links are in the nature of more formal French cuffs but there are lots of cuff link styles to choose from. From formal, informal, casual, sporty and quirky designs available in the market. Depending on occasion, these little accessories to add panache to the suit and help express yourself. A casual cufflink design may be for business meetings and something formal for weddings and receptions. There are a variety of cufflinks options that accentuate the custom suit look.


Shoes may be of less concern yet apparently appraisal begins from bottom upwards. Therefore simple formal shoes are quite versatile and lend credible uplift to the custom suit. From buckle, zipper, strap, slide in or lace up are fit for many occasions and in neutral color tones brown or black.

Custom tailors in Bangkok emphasize the perfect cap to great stylish display is a touching blend of matching accessories.

Trendy Fashion Custom Suits

Custom fashion is the art and craft of putting character and sensibility to cloth ensembles. It begs the same sense when one engages the mind to craft beautiful and appealing cloths; it takes passion and the ability to transform basic ideas into extraordinary ensembles. It fills the gap between the present and the next inspiration of a creative spell to make custom clothing desirable and admirable.

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Trendy Fashion custom suits are often eloquently illustrated in creative finery to put across a point or show the extent of the creative feel and pursuit.

Essential Trendy Custom Suits

Seasons often impact the way we dress and as they change, choice of clothes changes to reflect the new reality. Cold weather patterns give way to warm spring collections and eventually light cotton summer fashion choices and fabrics. Seasonal wear custom suits make it possible to retain sartorial elegance even in summer heat.

Woolen Suits

Worsted Wool is year round favorite given its extremely warm, cool and radiant draping attributes. Worsted Wool suits are more popular for suiting for reasons like breathability, weight, durability and draping qualities. It’s also good for year round wear which makes for sound investment. Stitched in various degrees of weave like the super 100, 120, 140 or 150 this also reflects the quality and cost of fabric.

-Woolen Tweed Suits are heavy, coarse and suitable cold climates.

-Woolen Flannel suits are rugged and this makes the fiber fabric suitable choice for winter office wear.

Cotton Suits

Cotton is admired fiber fabric for its cool effect in wear and the ability to breathe or provide suiting elegance and comfort. It gives summer cool and provides the necessary elegance. It’s also flexible when weaved to various density. Because of ability to stay cool, cotton is best fabric choice for summer suits. Though tends to wrinkle compared to wool and other fabrics.

Blend Fabrics

Blend fabrics are good for budget custom suits. Blend fabric suits don’t breathe well and aren’t durable but make for good travel suits as don’t wrinkle. Good blend fabric suit should have 60% natural fabric content with 40% blend so as not to sacrifice much of the comfort.

Fabric choices are part of the custom suit making process. Bangkok tailors make it important with the right fabric option, right measurements and the right suit for you.