How Do Modern Bespoke Blouses Complement Women Wardrobes?

Today, like most designer apparel and clothing, women’s bespoke blouses and shirts come with special attachment and sentiment alluded to proper style, fit and comfort. They try to effortlessly communicate the dress statement and the style bearings and preferences of the wearer.

Much of the shopping at central Bangkok is on the bespoke circuit of acclaimed Bangkok tailors. With an impressive array of quality fabrics, styles and designs, stitching and finishing the details always depends on the finesse or expression. A few of these can be a starting point.

Essential and Proper Fits Attributes of Women’s Custom Blouses

Custom blouses and shirts have been used by women for several generations now. And the metamorphosis of this women’s dress bears an interesting and lasting style adaptation legacy over the centuries.

 Long, Short Sleeve and Sleeveless Blouses

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Sleeve cut with precise determination of women’s size and fit, sleeves and sleeveless blouses add versatile statements to appearance as they adopt dynamic and wholesome changes in women’s styles through multiple colors and designs.

Elbow Sleeve Clasp and Flaps

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The work environment concept demands and needs sometimes to roll up the sleeves and still keep tidy and neat with a nice loop, clasp or band. This makes for a diminutive style statement as one change’s from one look or appearance.

Pocket less, Single and Double Pockets  

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This is a feminine, stylish, graceful,and rugged appeal to modern women’s functional pocket blouses and dress shirts. Apart from their convenience of carrying small change (currency) and bits of paper they look quite smart and adaptable to the modern working womans manner of dressing and styling.

Pocket blouses or shirts are a casual and formal option in a variety and range of colors and quality fabrics.


How to Dress Like a Film Star and Rock the Tuxedo Shirt

A tuxedo shirt (tux, in modern slang) is always a fascinating dress to sport for that dinner reception or gala awards invitation. It cuts a splendid fit and exotic spell of charm and exquisitely fine shirt crafting. Its resplendent attributes of perfect collars, pleat front, button stance, cummerbunds and crisp look of fine color is an allure on its own. For most film stars and prominent personality this is a must have in the wardrobe for the constant invitations and ceremonies – awards, galas, dinners, charity balls, premieres, banquets, weddings and as many ways for its pristine wear and use.

In Thailand, the best place perhaps to pick a tuxedo shirt is from the renowned Bangkok tailor competence and quality. There are several nuances though to this princely dress while shopping at central Bangkok that are important to know and help acquire that film star look you crave.

Tuxedo Shirt Collar Designs and Best Way to Dress Them Up            

Wing Tip Collar Tuxedo Shirts


Robert Pattinson Spots a Wing Tip Collar Tuxedo Shirt

The wing tip collar tuxedo shirt is a favorite of gala and award dinners and offers a resplendently fine and clean image. The wing like stance of the collar lifts up or stiffens away from shirt to create an alluring appeal and space for matching black bow tie.

Regular Lay Down Tuxedo Collar Shirt


Bradley Cooper Spots Regular Lay Down Tuxedo Shirt

The impressive regular lay down collar tuxedo enhances and emphasizes an understated exotic yet sophisticated formality. Its power generating attributes in the simplicity of collar design packed with the finest attachment to button stance either in emotive statement or silver color finishing depending on the tuxedo suit.

It goes without saying that the perfect blend for fine style is in exquisite design tastes.

Do You Know the Functions of These Dress Shirt Parts?

Apart from the individual flair and signature of the custom tailor and wearer’s signature style, most parts of the dress shirt look alike and similar. There are many impressions of the shirts look and appearance that leave a beautiful impact the wearer conceptualized dress statement. Yet many of these parts the essence lies in functionality and added value to the dress shirts.

Design Detail of Back and Front Parts of Dress Shirts   


From collars, sleeves, yokes, tails, gussets, hang loops, side and back pleats, darts, armholes, hems, plackets, fly fronts and many parts give a functional and vital support to the dress shirts look.

Useful and Helpful Functions of Dress Shirt Parts           

Fabric Gussets


Although gussets are not commonly featured on fused shirts they connect three dimensional extensions of the dress shirts end (front, seam and back) they also may look stylish and add commendable sense of quality styling, stitching and construction.



The dress shirt yoke in both split and plain orientation is a functional part that avails, contributes and enhances greatly the drape properties of the dress shirts. For most custom tailored shirts split yokes look better part and much harder to craft than ordinary plain yokes.

Button Cuffs and Cufflinks


Dress shirt cuffs and cufflinks make stupendous functional statements and bold design in cut and style. They are the perfect parts and places where one steps in to make distinctive sartorial style and fashion statement. They connect the end of the shirt sleeve into a mass of fashionable closure.

Side Pleats and Back Pleats


Adding a special flavor and functionality these pleats especially well designed pleats are for most heavy fabric dress shirts. But they form design and style continuity in the design from the yoke, to the tails and hems.

Hang Loops




An expansion and contraction detail (fabric stretch) it ensures slim style and design harmony is not compromised with shirt crease, folds and wrinkle.

Dress Shirt Hems and Tails


The distinctive closure to dress shirt detailing is borne of functional styling and designing.

How to Create Custom and Personalized Style?

Style is ever dynamic and revolves around sets of values and self perceptions that best show our individuality. That style is in-born is not new yet there are stages as one grows and shifts through life that comes to embody the real image and sense of self. That way building personalized style reflects many stages of growth and maturity.

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But how does one create a definitive personalized sense of style that best captures his / her sense of progress and change. For many Thailand tailors the essence of personalized perfect fit and measurements is it should always rest easy on the shoulders of the wearer.

Dress with Ease, Style and Passion

Dresses apart from adding modesty and ‘second skin’ to human bodies reflect the sartorial garb of the individual and his personal choices or options. They easily touch the on core of his /her heart’s point of ease and style.

Define Your Comfort Style

Whether its traditional, contemporary, European or fusion wears there should be consistent progress of impeccable style credentials. Style speaks a lot about that traits, character and personality of its wearer. It highlights and shines more light on what one prefers most and is resplendently comfortable in with ease.

Focus on Fabrics and Preferred Color Tones

There are always fabrics and colors that bring out the different sartorial side that is hardly or rarely seen of the wearer. This is the style quotient of knowing what works well and when. These complement and complete the wearer’s complexion and style level.

Choose Best Complements and Accessories

In any case, there necessary accessories and complements that add style and grace to persona. These accessories are plus points for wholesome and complementary dressing that show the wearer at a deeper and complete fashion level.

Add the Natural and Impressive Self Demeanor /Cheer

Custom suits and dresses look awesome when worn with an air of confidence and cheer. It’s the perfect icing to an elegant ensemble of great taste, choice, mood and impressive looks. It draws attention, interest and curiosity in the personality.