Emphasizing Importance for the Right Dress Code and Tone

Quite often the need to look uniform and present a united stand and stance cuts through the ethos and ethics of many firms and organizations. Yet for many people still believe dress codes and tones are the sole concern of offices and companies. Appearing calm and collected in any dress code is also a matter of personal integrity.

There are points that the right dress code dwells on that are spot on specific and precise. As any suit shopping at BTS Nana, Bangkok attests these are unique and vital things to keep in mind.

Powerful Image Projection and Impression

single breasted, two buttons, notch lapels, one extra cash pocketbrownstone-glen-plaid-front (1)

Good Business Suits are More than Just Garb 

Does the need to appear amiable and personable (approachable) tickle your sense of dress and appearance? In certain fields of professional pursuit or career the right image determines and is critical in telling the level of success and failure. Image is everything a certain cliché goes and when observed critically it surely is. Building the right personal and individual dress code can affect and effect changes in ones professional growth and responsibilities.

Enhanced Public Perception and Formation of Opinion

single breasted, four buttons, notch lapelsfour-button

Potential for Leadership and Inspire Good Opinion

The fact still remains that we form opinions and perceptions of what we see in others dressed in; either leadership or managerial potential. That means there is a strong correlation between good qualities and dress sense. Also, good dress sense is connected to responsible behaviour. This perception and belief means a good dress is attached to enhanced public perception of good values.

Sound Basis for Professional Career Growth

double breasted, six buttons (two buttons toclose) peak lapelscanali-light-grey-stripe-double-breasted-stripe-suit-product-2-9696041-395393619_large_flex

Although there are as many other factors working in tandem or collaborating for good career growth cutting a god image works in favor to an extent. A good suit and clean cut looks should dwell and stay in the minds of certain professional circles and industry.

Significant Terms in Bespoke Pant Styling and Stitching

Buying Bangkok tailor bespoke pants is like a visit to any best garments shop except with a need to know some basic terms of reference. Men’s pants have been used for several generations and even as they continuously adapt new styles some things remain the same (at least name wise).

It’s these few terms of reference that may separate the difference between a stylish fitting pant and the precise appeal of custom made pants. For any shopping at central Bangkok ensures these standard terms aren’t far from the mind or comment.

Knowing Importance and Location of These Dress Pant Terms

Pants Fly


This is the front protective fold over the buttons or zip just below the pants waistline. It aligns with the seam to create a stylish look in bespoke pant stitch and styling and adding distinctive flair. It’s either reinforced with extra line of stitch or regular and ordinary stitch.

Single and Double Loop

nov242 Pant loops add extra style and zing to the pants overall look yet fundamentally exalt the proper fit and path for belts. They add the theme that exalts a pants appeal and make it desirable and worth wearing.

Single and Double Break


A single or double fold just above the shoe evokes in pants the stylish accolades that manifest impeccable and stylish design. Whether formal or semi casual dressing pant breaks add some unique styling that is purely personal.

Pant Drape


The seamless flow and appearance from waist down wards is another important aspect accorded the necessary attention. Some quality dress fabrics have better drape properties and disposition than others. That’s the essence of well turned and spurned quality yarn fibers showing remarkable attractive feel and look.

Seam Orientation


The appearance of fabric stitching of pants (inseam and outseam) whether zigzag, straight gives bespoke pants the mark of exceptional quality and appearance. Subdued thread stitch and the coherent flow of fabric color and thread combine to make admirable and attractive stitching work.

Do You Know the Functions of These Dress Shirt Parts?

Apart from the individual flair and signature of the custom tailor and wearer’s signature style, most parts of the dress shirt look alike and similar. There are many impressions of the shirts look and appearance that leave a beautiful impact the wearer conceptualized dress statement. Yet many of these parts the essence lies in functionality and added value to the dress shirts.

Design Detail of Back and Front Parts of Dress Shirts   


From collars, sleeves, yokes, tails, gussets, hang loops, side and back pleats, darts, armholes, hems, plackets, fly fronts and many parts give a functional and vital support to the dress shirts look.

Useful and Helpful Functions of Dress Shirt Parts           

Fabric Gussets


Although gussets are not commonly featured on fused shirts they connect three dimensional extensions of the dress shirts end (front, seam and back) they also may look stylish and add commendable sense of quality styling, stitching and construction.



The dress shirt yoke in both split and plain orientation is a functional part that avails, contributes and enhances greatly the drape properties of the dress shirts. For most custom tailored shirts split yokes look better part and much harder to craft than ordinary plain yokes.

Button Cuffs and Cufflinks


Dress shirt cuffs and cufflinks make stupendous functional statements and bold design in cut and style. They are the perfect parts and places where one steps in to make distinctive sartorial style and fashion statement. They connect the end of the shirt sleeve into a mass of fashionable closure.

Side Pleats and Back Pleats


Adding a special flavor and functionality these pleats especially well designed pleats are for most heavy fabric dress shirts. But they form design and style continuity in the design from the yoke, to the tails and hems.

Hang Loops




An expansion and contraction detail (fabric stretch) it ensures slim style and design harmony is not compromised with shirt crease, folds and wrinkle.

Dress Shirt Hems and Tails


The distinctive closure to dress shirt detailing is borne of functional styling and designing.

How Do Your Dresses Define Your Body Shape?

Women’s bespoke dresses are a lively and an ‘electric touch’ to any woman’s wardrobe and they are great style enhancers not just for the image but also daily routine of life. Dressing well accomplishes two major and important aspirations; apart from style and image enhancement it’s powerful statement of individuality. But essentially there is a lot of reference to body shape as a crucial factor to determine your best choice dress. Therefore, Bangkok tailor custom dresses will show your creative and personal best in light of your choices and options. Be it colors, fabrics, designs and styles there is a lot going for dressing to impress and making a powerful style statement.

Hourglass Shaped Button Down Dress 


The most appreciative part about the dress shape is its versatile accentuation to a woman’s appearance and confidence. It gives due diligence and flatter to lift the sartorial look from the top to the bottom.

Oval Shaped Floral Button Dress

This dress provides shape and creative appeal from the top top part by accentuating the upper with the lower in a flayered design and style. The dress’ main appeal and plus point is achieving a fine balance between the upper torso and the lower bottom.    

Pear Shaped Pink Dress

Wider at the hips and slimmer at the top naturally draws interest in custom dresses that flatter their body shape.

Rectangular Body Shape Black Dress

For wide shouldered and taller women the dress impression creates a fine balance between height and the natural disposition of features by balancing the upper torso with the height in fitting and defined measurement. Adding another classic assortment are the short sleeves and the heart-shaped neckline for good measure. It’s a classical dress for the casual and semi-casual dress statement. For better look it works well knowing what dresses fit and define you in all the right areas.

How to Build Versatile Custom Suit Wardrobe

Any amount of clothing is always going to point an inherent passion for fashion or the lack of it. There are things you would consider a must for the truly evolved and mature wardrobe range especially when at BTS Nana. For here custom suits give combinations of good styling, fitting and accessories to help enhance its true hallmark design. Therefore combining some eclectic tastes in fashion is the first step to a mature and more evolved style.

Creating Custom Wardrobe

These timeless parts of the custom suits personality complete looks that transform perceptions and bring on the true dynamic and versatile wardrobe.

Formal Aspects of Great and Dynamic Wardrobes

Classic Custom Suit – great and good suits are very colorful in range and offer varied fabric texture. It’s this part of the great suit detail that provides the unique cutting edge look. Varying colors and accessories builds a great custom suit wardrobe that stands the fashion test and adulation.

Dress Shirts – with the dynamic presence of as many designs and styles in the fabrics rendering there is versatile choice that changes minimalist looks to unique stance. Dress shirts have the unique hallmark impression of being the central point of focus that brings the entire suit combination together. A great dress shirt cannot escape the eye of serious style scrutiny.

Neck or Bow Tie – as the central part that completes the shirt and the upper suit look ties draw attention to the face and enhance appeal.

Classic Belts – a great belt adds a classic definition especially with proportionally done hoops and loops. There was a time oversize belts were the rage but with formal look medium size leather belts color matched with the shoes are in.

Formal Fitting Shoes – proper formal shoes whether brogues or hush puppies are essential and add a relaxed tone to the wearer’s appearance. It’s important to match their color with the belt for sublime formality.

Versatile wardrobes remain the domain personal choice and comfort. Read more about 8 reasons why creating a personalized wardrobe helps.

How Does Body Shape Affect Suit Drape?

For many custom suit lovers and those smitten by the look good bug a suits drape means a lot in terms of looking and feeling great. However custom suits look and turn out on each body as determined by several factors especially the body shape, several personal postures and above all the suits fitting finesse or finishing by the skillful master tailor. When shopping in central Bangkok, tailors take time to make at least three fittings driven primarily by perfection but just as well comfort in several postures and sitting positions. Through stride, standing, leaning or hunched, sitting, flexing or stretch and as many other positions that may occur as one goes on with personal activities drape should still retain  a high level of fine look. For good drape properties these factors are always very important and taken care of.

shopping in Bangkok

Body Shape and Effect on Draping Properties

While moving different bodies will need varied space or freedom for stretch and relaxation in the fabrics and fully designed suits. That’s why measurements are done and redone again to put all factors in consideration. Some fabrics offer minimal fiber stretch but some relax with time, wear and dry cleaning.

Standing Still Position – a relaxed position is always preferred to ensure the body is at its best posture. Moreover suits are designed to ensure maximum comfort and mobility even from the standing position.   

Posture and Personal Height – height brings a different perspective as making overly long pants or coat seems out of turn and sync. For better draping the suits height reflects the height, ease and possible postures of the wearer.

Hunched Leaning Position – many wearers are bound to sit or lean from activity or the other. Body shape is critical here as different bodies will go different angles and exert fabrics differently. Moreover the manner of detailed stitch can determine the level or extent of comfortable stretch without tear or damage and retaining the ease of suit drape.       

Choose Three Piece Custom Suits with Right Vests

Suit vests are the archetypical fashion accessories that highlight your true knowledge and connoisseur of excellent tailoring quality. The custom suit vests have often been a matter of foregone conclusion approach but as perfection takes every detail seriously these 3 piece suit character enhancers are a great way to build true character defining look and design.

Tailors in Bankok

Bangkok tailors always present opportunities to build solid looking three piece custom suit designs when a suits personality and look is built around a strong sense of personal style. The graceful and amazing textured vest designs bring out the gentle and perfect way to sartorial elegance. Bangkok tailors between Sois 8 and 10 Klongtoey is marvel for vest enthusiasts.

Three Piece Vest Designs and Best Ways to Wear

V-Shaped Neckline, Slit Pockets and Pointed Bottom

The style of wearing three piece suits accords these unique three piece vests the presence of modernity steeped in traditional single breast suits that are remarkable for formal enhancement. They can look fantastic with notched lapel coats especially with higher cut.

High Neckline, Slit Pockets and Round Bottom

High necklines are prominent with higher cut suits or three button single breast suits. Although an adventurous dresser may attempt it even with the 2 button traditional suits they are majestic and flamboyant with a taller person.

Round and V-Shaped Collar, Slit Pockets and Pointed Bottom

The scoop like vest is primarily for a leisurely but typically formally look minus sacrificing the good nature of three piece suits.

V-Shaped Neckline, Flap Pockets and Round Bottom

 With collars still appearing high uniqueness is the difference of the pockets attribution that makes them stand out.

V-Shaped Neckline, Slit Pockets and Round Bottom

Round bottom just like the above vests are a new softer formality.

Notch Lapel, Slit Pockets and Sharp Bottom

The lapel effect is relaxed but sharp given the image it attempts to portray.

Shawl Collar, Slit Pockets and Sharp Bottom  

Tuxedos gain higher sense of celebrated style with these vets as the cut is lower like most low cut coats. They are a relaxed and differentiating point from the common or standard suit vest.

Chilly ways to remain cool wearing suits in the hot summer days!

Most men face tough time wearing suits in the scorching summer season. Even though the blazing heat is killing them, still, when it comes to work settings, they’re somewhere bound to keep up with their dapper appearance going for the suits. Men definitely don’t get to relish the sartorial liberties as their women counterparts do. While women have variety of clothing options in summer, both for work and evening affairs, men generally give in to cotton and linen clothing when the temperature is roaring.

shopping near MRT Ashok/Sukhmvit

Thousands of bucks are spent by men when it comes to buying suits, as they consider it as yearly investment, but is it really possible to continue with your love for suits both in warm as well as winter season? Well, the answer to that question is indeed in affirmative.

Yes, you can wear your beloved suits to as many occasions, if taken care of few things mentioned below:

Fabric: What goes into the making of suits is wool and silk, and they are weaved in seven-to-ten ounce range. In summers, it’d be advised you opt for seven ounce, as that is lighter and thinner.

Color: In warmer season, it is apt to go for lighter shades in color and in that case, grey, beige and other light colors just seem the best options. As these colors are naturally cool, so they will keep you cool as well. The light colors minimize heat and they are just the right thing if your job involves you to remain outdoors for a long time in a day.

Cool-Effect suit: Yeah, it’s really a term. Cool-effect suits have this best feature of keeping you cool in even during the days when heat is at its peak.

Shoes: Welcome the loafer liners in your formal wardrobe, as they give formal appearance, and your feet will feel really light once you sport them.

You can have the best summer shopping experience by shopping near MRT Ashok/Sukhmvit. The highlight of this area is the custom-tailoring services offered there. Won’t it be great that you’d get to own bespoke suits, which would be true to your fit.

So this season, shop near MRT Ashok/Sukhmvit and put forth your dashing personality to the world!

Women’s Custom Suits

woman-product-landingOne motivating and enthusiastic aspect of modern bespoke suits is that they have evolved to cater to all social demographics including women. Women’s custom clothing has seen tremendous growth largely owing to many women joining the workforce post the liberating 20th century for women’s rights and emancipation.

Conjecture may will otherwise but there is something liberating about a woman appearing in a custom suit. Be it dress suit, pantsuit or skirt suit there are many factors that play in favor of any choice and exact nature of the suit. Advancement in technology, dynamic appeal of various fabrics and expanded ‘palate’ of color, the women’s custom suits have seen tremendous transformation.

Factors for Women Custom Suit Choices 


There are many classical areas for fabric choice with the distinguishing effect of refinement and comfort. Fabrics in soft wool, rich cotton, comfortable linen and the shiny silk are perhaps the standard cup of tea. Yet there are many other areas of unexplored fabrics and designs.


Colors have been the transformational factor in women’s custom suit wear options and have seen a major shift from the traditional deep rich colors to classic range of exotic and appealing designs. Floral, printed, plain, weaves and other assorted ranges of designs colors have accentuated women’s custom suits deeply.


Work has a variety of influence on dress and manner of self presentation. It exemplifies the standards and accepted code of ethics. Dress is crucial for the work of doctors, engineers, teachers and professors. It follows that this work is considered non linear to fashion however it amplifies the image of the wearer. Custom suits cut across as fashionable, knowledgeable and intelligent.


There are professions that may stick to a certain range of decorum and attire. Notably professions like law, stock markets, banking, accounting, acting and politics will see an infusion of various wardrobe ideas. Fashion is complimentary in other words for the functional fulfillment of the responsibilities. It has an attribute of added value and stature. Women custom suits like business pants and skirt suits exude impressive exemplification of authority.

Custom Suit Feature Emphasis

There are many ways to transform standards of custom suit design and fashion from mere concepts of covering modesty to modern vistas of appearance and style. Elegance of custom suits is no doubt path breaking in design. Custom suit features in most cases bring out the wearers preferences and present his / her dress patterns to give the most elegant look. Be it coats, waistcoats, shirts, pants and accessories they combine to make consistent fashion sense.

Custome Tailors in Bangkok

Thailand tailor custom suit patterns, fabrics, designs and colors possibly best describe an individual’s way of dressing. They are elegant fashion stories rendered emphasis on canvases likeable and admirable as suits. These particular areas of custom suits mark out feature emphasis and attention.

Fits and Measurements

The object of suit design is to best translate the recorded fittings and measurements into some order and relevance. For coats, pants, waistcoats and shirts fittings are primary for enhanced coordination and ensure lack of bagginess or excessive size and weight.


There are a variety of fabric choices for great suit designs and their accessories. It’s always good to translate taste, style and fabric in one harmonious design that complements personality, image, profession and stature. Fabrics can also rhyme with the particular season, time and function although woolen fabrics have been eternal favorites.


Added variation to personality and appeal of the individual is a breakaway tradition that Saville Row, England mastered generations ago. Subtle changes and enhancements can be the all important and defining point of classic from ordinary.


A lot of effort is put in by the custom tailors at differentiation and classic branding of their products. There are ways to celebrate the practical skill of the tailor but delicate monograms and handmade initials emphasis pulls up the essence and quality.

Custom suits have always evoked sentiment yet the best tailor of Thailand comprehends subtle tweaks can go a long way in enhancing suit personality.