What Questions Should Wearers Ask Before Buying Custom Suits?

Does the appeal to show your best custom dress look fill imagination or sometimes fascinate you? For stylish women shopping at central Bangkok, quite often it always comes down to the dress look and design that overrides all other considerations in choosing the right dress style. A good custom-made dress no doubt makes an impressive style statement and remains in the minds and the memory of admirers.

The craft and stitch Bangkok tailors is well acclaimed and moreover there is always a stylishly alluring appeal to any Bangkok custom tailor dress!! However in choosing the right custom-made dress, what’s the enduring and fascinating custom dress style should concern shoppers? Apart from tastes and colors these are obvious areas of focus.

Enduring and Fascinating Custom Dress Style Features

Quality Breathable Fabrics and Design Details

Even before the custom tailors put the first stitch to the fabrics there is always an appealing quotient to the fabrics appearance that’s enduring, eternal and fascinating.

Evocative and Resonant Color Tone

Although there’s a tendency to generalize the custom dress colors that all like the fact is custom-made dress style is personal. It shows an inner style sense or reflects the feelings of one dressers disposition to certain colors and designs. Most times these are colors that one relates to a deeper comfortable level.

Definitive Dress Shapes and Comfortable Designs

Custom-made dresses at the highest levels are the quality expression of one dressers sense of self and the flattering aspects of personality. Dress shape is also attuned to the wearer’s best sense of comfort and self-expression.

Personalized Dress Detail and Accessory

At the choice of the quality fabrics and style aesthetics (style, fitting, buttons, embroidery or lace work etc) there is a picture in the mind of how one looks in it. Making an advance detail of accessory accompaniments brings completeness to custom-made dress style.

Let your custom dress evoke good sentiments!!!!

How to Create Custom and Personalized Style?

Style is ever dynamic and revolves around sets of values and self perceptions that best show our individuality. That style is in-born is not new yet there are stages as one grows and shifts through life that comes to embody the real image and sense of self. That way building personalized style reflects many stages of growth and maturity.

Custom tailors in Bangkok

But how does one create a definitive personalized sense of style that best captures his / her sense of progress and change. For many Thailand tailors the essence of personalized perfect fit and measurements is it should always rest easy on the shoulders of the wearer.

Dress with Ease, Style and Passion

Dresses apart from adding modesty and ‘second skin’ to human bodies reflect the sartorial garb of the individual and his personal choices or options. They easily touch the on core of his /her heart’s point of ease and style.

Define Your Comfort Style

Whether its traditional, contemporary, European or fusion wears there should be consistent progress of impeccable style credentials. Style speaks a lot about that traits, character and personality of its wearer. It highlights and shines more light on what one prefers most and is resplendently comfortable in with ease.

Focus on Fabrics and Preferred Color Tones

There are always fabrics and colors that bring out the different sartorial side that is hardly or rarely seen of the wearer. This is the style quotient of knowing what works well and when. These complement and complete the wearer’s complexion and style level.

Choose Best Complements and Accessories

In any case, there necessary accessories and complements that add style and grace to persona. These accessories are plus points for wholesome and complementary dressing that show the wearer at a deeper and complete fashion level.

Add the Natural and Impressive Self Demeanor /Cheer

Custom suits and dresses look awesome when worn with an air of confidence and cheer. It’s the perfect icing to an elegant ensemble of great taste, choice, mood and impressive looks. It draws attention, interest and curiosity in the personality.

Custom-tailored attires are ruling the wardrobe of most celebrities nowadays [Infographic]

Tailoring is an art that adds life to the material, enriching it and enhancing the personality of the wearer. Today its trend has reached all new heights with more and more fashion-conscious people showing keen interest in bespoke tailoring. This is one trend, most people can keep track with, as there is a great collection suit styles, patterns and fabrics, one is free to opt for. With suits, shirts, coats, blouses, overcoats, pants, skirts, tuxedo suits, jackets, overcoats, there is something for everyone and the custom tailors serve both men and women, as well as people of all age-groups.

In fact, not only common people, but these days several of celebrities too have been showing ardent interest in the custom-tailor clothing as they have rocked several of bespoke outfits at numerous occasions. Celebs such as Jessica Biel, Angelina Jolie, Barrack Obama, David Beckham, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Aniston, and many more, couldn’t remain untouched of its charm, and keep surprising the world with tailor-made attires at awards functions, movie launch events, promotional events and many others.

And as it happens, with celebs catching up with the bespoke trend, its fever is rising among the others as well, and now custom-tailored outfits are swiftly turning into the most sought after pieces. Here is an infographic that depicts the custom tailored suits love among celebrities:

Custom suiting trends among celebrities

What’s so special about the tailor-made garments?

Comfort: As apparel is stitched as per the accurate body measurements, hence they are greatly comfortable, with no sign of uneasiness and the wearer can wear them for long hours. Hence, if you’re looking for office-clothing options, nothing is better than bespoke.

Great options: Earlier, custom-tailoring was synonymous to formal suits; however, with changing times, today it offers great varieties and serves both men and women. For men, there are options like Suits, Shirts, Pants, Blazers, Tuxedo Suits, Overcoats, Vests, Tuxedo Shirts, Ties, while women loves splurging on stitched-to-fit Suits, Blouses, Overcoats, Pants, Dresses, Skirts and Jackets.

Elegance: Comfort doesn’t mean casuals, as bespoke provide this fabulous alternative of being absolutely suave, still at ease. So for the sharp, clean and graceful look, go for it. The tailors choose fine fabric and materials in order to provide the best quality services with the suits being well-cut and flawlessly stitched, so that perfect fit is attained.

Marty’s is where high-quality tailoring services are provided and we endeavor to offer nothing less than excellence. We keep coming up with many of special offers for our customers as well as prospects and the order process is effortlessly simple. So, get the right fit that suits you well with us!

What are Your Favorite Ties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares and Cufflinks

There is an added dimension to style quotient when one wears the custom suit with the perfect rhyme of accessories that brings an extra dose of charm and the timeless scintillating glamour. Every color, fabric, design and the finishing touch of professionalism lifts the stylish meter a few notches higher and understanding what works best for you actually accords refined elegance.

Characterization and Embodiment of Your Custom Suit Accessories

Primacy of Bow Ties – a simple piece of knotted quality fabric commands all attention especially when rhymed with great tuxedos. There are primary and traditional bow tie knots that add the exclusive sophisticated aura like figure 8, shoelace, drapery tie back, square, sheet bend or butchers knot that add versatile sense to your range and collection of classic bowties. Each knot has varied symbolism and best time to spot one whether galas, premieres, receptions and awards functions.

Bow Ties Excellence of Ties – expressing your ultimate aim for donning one be it power projection, novelty sense, traditional classic, romantic tide and the youthful sense of monochromatic style there is always room for excellence. The most traditional yet sophisticated in terms of various knots perhaps are the Windsor knot, half Windsor, four in hand or the Pratt knot epitomizes excellence and custom suit individuality.

Excellence of ties   

Magnificence of Pocket Squares – a small peeping portion from the coats pocket draws the attention to the finesse of the suits personality and enterprising stance. Taking in the situation or occasion good pocket squares either octagonal, square, rectangular, zigzag or domed design have magnificent charm that shows your style knowledge and living in the times or fashion seasons.

Pocket Squares     

Harmonizing Influence of Cufflinks – bringing the suit ensemble into a capping influence of style the right tone of cufflinks help build harmony. There are all time shades for the best compliment to your custom suit like steel, grey, blue, pink, purple, orange or even red when the occasion demands some versatility.

Pocket Squres

A good combination of all accessories of custom suits add extra punch to custom suits appeal.

Points to remember while choosing custom tailor in Bangkok

Fashion is a sense of beauty and how we feel when we are wearing clothes. Style trends change day by day and people are always curious to know what are the latest designs in use these days. Bangkok is famous for custom tailors and there are a plenty of shops that do custom tailoring. But to choose the best tailor is a bit difficult task and you will have to make some real efforts for this.

Custom Shopping in Sukhumvit

The main points to keep in mind while choosing custom tailor are

  • Don’t get attracted by low prices and the discount which they are giving, it might be possible that you end up buying bad quality fabrics.
  • Always ask the tailor to show some stitching work which they have done and the quality of fabrics which they have used, this will give an idea of the suit how it will look after ready.
  • Keep in mind the outfit which you want and discuss it with the tailor that you want to be made. So that there is no confusion between you and the tailor.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to order the tailor to make your suit in a given deadline because custom tailoring needs time and patience.
  • If you don’t know where to go, the hotels and business areas are the best places around which you can find good custom tailors.
  • Ask the tailor to do two or three fitting sessions so that you can get the suit as desired.

If you are going for a trip to Bangkok then don’t forget the specialties of this place. This place is famous for custom tailors and if you want a suit to be ready for some occasion then this is the best place where you can find some of the most prominent custom tailors.

Change your sense of style with well-fit tailor-made clothing

The awesome personality of a man comes around best with formal attires. The decked up and well-dressed look surely leaves an everlasting impression on everyone; hence it is necessary that men welcome enough formal clothing in their wardrobe. But, one thing that is most important in formal outfits is they have to be well-fitted, or else the whole purpose would be ruined. For a true-gentleman look, it is must that the formal outfit, whether it is a suit, shirt or trouser, has to be go well with your body type.

custom made clothing in bangkok

Ensure the right fit with custom-tailoring

It is effortless to get the formal clothing which is true to your size by opting for bespoke tailors in Bangkok, who have exclusive services to offer. Utilizing the services of these best tailors in Bangkok, you get to keep your wardrobe fresh and innovative. By shopping in Sukhmit you can ably reach for the quality tailor-made services, which offer comfort combined with style. In order to attain the perfect formal look it is necessary to look great from head-to-toe, hence your suit, trouser as well as shirt must go well with your personality, and tailor-made clothes you get it all.

Embrace the trends

The best custom-tailors in Bangkok are in Sukhmit and they are well-in-know of the latest trends and keep on implementing them in their tailoring style. Like shirt styles differ from regular collar, button-down collar, tab collar, spread collar to slightly rounded collar, French collar and full-spread collar. Whereas, suit styles vary from single button to six buttons, single breasted to double breasted, etc.

Quality and comfort is ensured

Reason why custom-tailoring is most preferred is because of the comfort it offers. The clothing, whether it is a tailored suit, tailored shirt, tailored trousers are all stitched according to the right measurements, so comfort is assured. Even the fabrics chosen by custom tailored in Bangkok are of high-quality, while material differs from, silk, silk/wool, cotton stripes, twill cotton, cotton herringbone, pinstripes and many others.

Keep yourself up-to-date and become a trendsetter using custom-made tailoring!

Today’s men opt for stylish look going for bespoke tailoring!

Style has nothing to do with wearing new clothes every day, but how can you rock each day even in the few outfits you possess. It is the way to speak who you are without actually uttering a word.

bespoke tailors near BTS Nana, Bangkok

Look your best on all occasions

There were days when fairer sex was synonymous to fashion, but today the scenario is much different, as even men do not lack behind in terms of style, and they make best effort to look their best on every occasion, be it office meeting, family dinner, casual outings, or anything else. So in that sense it won’t be wrong to say that even women today can learn a thing or two from these style-conscious men, and elevate their sense of fashion.

Shopping near BTS Nana in Bangkok is a pleasurable experience

Most men today opt for custom-tailoring, as it is just the best way to look unique from others, and get the right fit and luxurious comfort in reasonable amount of money. In Bangkok most men put up a stylish wardrobe together opting for bespoke tailoring, and if you have been unbeknownst to tailor-made clothing so far, then find your way to BTS Nana, as shopping near BTS Nana will turn out to be the best shopping experience of your life as there is no dearth of shops out there offering custom-made tailoring services.

Get everything under one roof

From suits, shirts, blazers, overcoats, pants, tuxedo suits, vests, ties, tuxedo shirts, there is a lot to choose from for all occasions, and bespoke tailors near BTS Nana are quite qualified at what they do, and their services will definitely leave you mesmerized.

You get a chance to give new definition to your formal clothing going for the custom-made tailoring option, which is sure to offer you a lot, as the best-quality fabrics are used by these best tailors in Bangkok.

These custom-made tailors in Bangkok also take greatest care of the comfort and stitch your attire perfectly. So, once you experience the luxury of bespoke tailoring, you will forget going for readymade attires ever.

Let your eternal journey with tailor-made clothing begin!

Give a personalized touch to your wedding suit with custom-made tailoring!

Wedding season is here, and if you’re among those set for en route to the altar and profess your love for the lucky bride, saying “I Do”, then we have some word of advice for you. Needless to mention that wedding is indeed an occasion which you must be keen on making memorable and unforgettable. From wedding venue to dine-in, everything needs to be especially done, as this is the time which comes once in a lifetime (well, for most people, pun intended), and everything must be eternally special about it.

Custom tailors in Bangkok

Most importantly your look! It goes without saying that a wedding outfit witnesses innumerable important moments of a couple’s life, and you, being a groom-to-be must make enough efforts to ensure that this turns out to be indeed a dashing experience, and that your bride has her eyes only for you.

Adding a personal touch to your D-day attire is just the right thing, and for that what can be better than custom-made tailoring. The bespoke suits are tailored in a way that they would best suit your personality, frame as well as budget. Chiefly, in Bangkok, you have great options to choose from among the bespoke tailoring, and shopping in central Bangkok seems just the right choice. You get the opportunity to reach the right tailors, who are not only experienced at what they do, but are incredibly skilled as well.

A good number of Bangkok folks opt for shopping in Central Bangkok, and you are sure to get your hands on the right wedding suit, which will go well with your personality and represent the best side of yours on your big day. Suits, tuxedos, tuxedo shirts are just the right choice of clothes for grooms, and when going for tailor-made option, you get the quality fabric as well as option to go with your much-loved color combination. At the same time you can avail the personalized ties and vests from these custom-made tailors.

So don’t settle for less and give a new definition to your style with custom tailoring, which will accentuate your personal style as well as the personality.

Reasons Why Summer Suits are Sartorially Relevant

There is a distinct personality and appearance to every suit enthusiast disposition as it reflects the image and style options of the wearer- at least metaphorically. It is the best told story that will capture posture, poise, character, profession and the elemental style inclination. It takes the nimble working fingers of the master tailor’s hands to make a moving and compelling account of the wearer on a sublime canvas like wide range quality fabrics.

summer suits at marty's new fashion    

Just as there seems no limit to the ardent admiration for the suit brigade and their favorite fabric design never mind that the summer heat is blazing away a few notches above normal, it’s not unusual to see people clad in their best in the vast sea of the summer finery be they t shirt, jeans and trainers. The fact is that the ultimate urbane male reinvents the sartorial definition and notion every time it seems headed to the shallows.

5 Characters and Points of the New Summer Suits Personality

Made in breathable, absorbent and fine fabrics these suits add a new a dimension to stylish display.

-Fabrics Reinvention – whether blended or simply plain the fabric is ‘always at the heart of the matter’, the suit. Most fabrics although are reinvented either through blending or treatment before stitching. Fabrics will largely affect the look and longevity factor.

-Stitching Style or Construction – the minimalist suits construction (less or no padding) will ensure suits wicking moisture from the body but also allowing adequate breathing. This is very important for comfort and retention of elegance.

-Lapel Effect this part of the suit draws attention to detail and suit stance. Many look at the lapel as just another part of the suit, but transitions from aggressive to understated formality. It still conveys the message with aplomb and style.

-Color Receptability – although other seasons are stuck with strictly formal color coordination, summer break tradition with a wide range of the palette. It’s the effervescent effect of the season.

-Limited Accessory – too much accessory may be looked down upon as amateur if not outright lack of inspiration. It’s much rather the perfect stitch and the calm disposition.

Definitive Custom Suit Design

Custom suits are some fashion ensembles many would wish to be seen wearing, possessing and give off the air of credible style and fashion. One can go from store to store, literally – ‘store jumping’ in search of that finely cut custom suit. A suit that defines and sums up the wearer’s measurements and fits, look elaborately and definitively. Fine taste goes by rather distinctive mode and cannot contain illusions about classic fit. Impeccable to some may sound rather farfetched, an overstatement and perhaps wishful thinking yet when one style meets passion, custom suits are born of passionate style.

tailors in Bangkok

Thailand tailors encapsulate customized fashion details of the wearers and their passion for stylish dress. Be it color, fabric, stitch, cut, design, buttons and all the stuff that make a suit real and appeal. Suits after all define personality and character to a great extent. There is an appreciation of custom suits from the basic level to the complete whole of relevance and design.

Custom Suit Design Imperatives

Every suit and styling involves a great deal of aspects that will enhance its profile, appeal and look. These vital parts of the suit design will impact the suit being an epitome of styling and design or regular style.


Well marked and demarcated suit portions of the final designs ensure the look is consistent with the suits character and appeal.


Defining each wearer’s measurements finely cut suit parts and designs enhances the look and the eventual look of the suit.


Fabrics bring some defining appeal and classification to suits with a variety of distinct characteristics. Wool and Linen are different from each other in many ways. Silk has another texture, feel and look. Polyester may not be preferred but posses its own character and texture. Notable about fabrics is final outcome of the suit depends on fabrics design.