Fabric Design

Fabrics and their look form the foundation for the creation of appreciable clothing and textiles. Fabric design is the way fabrics appear to the normal person and its attributes like feel and texture, fiber processing and weaving of yarns into fabrics. It’s the effort to give character and definitive appeal to a bundle of threads or yarn and fibers. Designs created on the fabric play an important part in making it more fashionable, creating great custom suits. The craftsmanship, passion, custom and culture, preferences and choice of wearer are either plains, stripes, checks or pictures, motifs and inspired artworks.

Bangkok Tailors

Fabric design is an old form of art that dates back to 3000 BC. The ancients wore patterned clothing, with drawings and inscriptions that depicted life; a means of preserving and propagating customs and culture. Industrial revolution led to era of automated cotton printing works in 1712 by George Leason in Boston.

Fabric design to Thailand tailors is of importance as it renders versatility, quality options and choices. There many fabric designs for different types of occasions, suits, dresses and textiles. It’s important to delve and see what is appropriate for a particular occasion.

Fabric Design Patterns

Fabrics design patterns vary from tailor to tailor as the appeal and demand of such fabrics will dictate. There are significant meanings and occasions though that these designs will find appropriate fitting or use.


Most formal custom suits will engage the look of formality. Plain fabrics are more in tune with that stance. They offer a stylish look of engaging formality.


It gives an outdoor character although for some it can be an informal combination to a nicely designed suit. It produces diagonal and inverted designs that can attract attention and ideal for a day out.


It’s an ideal casual design that can be relaxing and patterned for combination with a variety of apparel and dressing. It’s a dress down kind of design that keeps the sartorial appeal.


They evoke the sentiment of minimalist yet serious attention seeking dress combination. In dress shirts and suits these designs combine attention and the appeal of regal formality. They are also great in custom business suit wear.

There are quite many custom suit fabric design patterns, for Thailand tailors the purpose, impression and profession of the clients can determine choice.


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