Do You Know the Functions of These Dress Shirt Parts?

Apart from the individual flair and signature of the custom tailor and wearer’s signature style, most parts of the dress shirt look alike and similar. There are many impressions of the shirts look and appearance that leave a beautiful impact the wearer conceptualized dress statement. Yet many of these parts the essence lies in functionality and added value to the dress shirts.

Design Detail of Back and Front Parts of Dress Shirts   


From collars, sleeves, yokes, tails, gussets, hang loops, side and back pleats, darts, armholes, hems, plackets, fly fronts and many parts give a functional and vital support to the dress shirts look.

Useful and Helpful Functions of Dress Shirt Parts           

Fabric Gussets


Although gussets are not commonly featured on fused shirts they connect three dimensional extensions of the dress shirts end (front, seam and back) they also may look stylish and add commendable sense of quality styling, stitching and construction.



The dress shirt yoke in both split and plain orientation is a functional part that avails, contributes and enhances greatly the drape properties of the dress shirts. For most custom tailored shirts split yokes look better part and much harder to craft than ordinary plain yokes.

Button Cuffs and Cufflinks


Dress shirt cuffs and cufflinks make stupendous functional statements and bold design in cut and style. They are the perfect parts and places where one steps in to make distinctive sartorial style and fashion statement. They connect the end of the shirt sleeve into a mass of fashionable closure.

Side Pleats and Back Pleats


Adding a special flavor and functionality these pleats especially well designed pleats are for most heavy fabric dress shirts. But they form design and style continuity in the design from the yoke, to the tails and hems.

Hang Loops




An expansion and contraction detail (fabric stretch) it ensures slim style and design harmony is not compromised with shirt crease, folds and wrinkle.

Dress Shirt Hems and Tails


The distinctive closure to dress shirt detailing is borne of functional styling and designing.


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