Custom Made Suit Designs

The bare unfinished look of custom suits cannot be that much inspiring let alone attractive. Lapels, collars, cuffs, shoulders, pants, pleats, hems, vents, pockets, pocket squares, buttons, shirts, vests and ties etc are suit parts that give definitive shape. One part accentuates the other to make a wholesome appealing design and accessory.

Custom tailors

Thailand custom tailors believe custom suit essentials aren’t neglectable. For they give sartorial fillip to image, character and persona by building, defining and enhancing the design standard of handmade suits.

Common Custom Designs    

Classic Suit Designs

Wide chests, broad torso and waist or body need a relaxed look of bare but classic formality designed around their body statistics. This helps present an impressive figure in comfortable suit design.

Contemporary Design

Narrow midsection, slim shoulders and leaner look give the suit a contemporary design. Built for comfort it emphasizes the trim look while highlighting the midsection (waist) and is generally a lean body suit.

British Traditional Custom Suit

Traditional, impeccable and socially conscious gives these custom suits close fit. Highlighting waist, chest, shoulder and less padding. Coats in double vents widening at bottom, high armholes, trim sleeves, tapered trousers add to narrow shape. Suits hug body without feeling or looking tight.

Italian Contemporary Custom Suit

High padded shoulders, no vents, full-chested with V-shape coat. These custom suits apply soft fabrics, drape better and are accompanied with slim pants worn high at ankles.

American Modern Custom Suit

Popularly known as sack suits and favored by Ivy Leaguers in 1920s. They are three buttoned suits with broad shoulders, low armholes, single vent, straight lines and flap pockets.


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