Reasons Why Summer Suits are Sartorially Relevant

There is a distinct personality and appearance to every suit enthusiast disposition as it reflects the image and style options of the wearer- at least metaphorically. It is the best told story that will capture posture, poise, character, profession and the elemental style inclination. It takes the nimble working fingers of the master tailor’s hands to make a moving and compelling account of the wearer on a sublime canvas like wide range quality fabrics.

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Just as there seems no limit to the ardent admiration for the suit brigade and their favorite fabric design never mind that the summer heat is blazing away a few notches above normal, it’s not unusual to see people clad in their best in the vast sea of the summer finery be they t shirt, jeans and trainers. The fact is that the ultimate urbane male reinvents the sartorial definition and notion every time it seems headed to the shallows.

5 Characters and Points of the New Summer Suits Personality

Made in breathable, absorbent and fine fabrics these suits add a new a dimension to stylish display.

-Fabrics Reinvention – whether blended or simply plain the fabric is ‘always at the heart of the matter’, the suit. Most fabrics although are reinvented either through blending or treatment before stitching. Fabrics will largely affect the look and longevity factor.

-Stitching Style or Construction – the minimalist suits construction (less or no padding) will ensure suits wicking moisture from the body but also allowing adequate breathing. This is very important for comfort and retention of elegance.

-Lapel Effect this part of the suit draws attention to detail and suit stance. Many look at the lapel as just another part of the suit, but transitions from aggressive to understated formality. It still conveys the message with aplomb and style.

-Color Receptability – although other seasons are stuck with strictly formal color coordination, summer break tradition with a wide range of the palette. It’s the effervescent effect of the season.

-Limited Accessory – too much accessory may be looked down upon as amateur if not outright lack of inspiration. It’s much rather the perfect stitch and the calm disposition.


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