How Do You Get Diligence of Color and Fabric Harmony?

Fabric colors are always emotive and speak tones of unspoken sentiment on the inside of each wearer’s silent moods and expressions. They are either tender, happy, creative, arty, reserved, extrovert or provide a whole lot of feeling and passion within each wearer’s moods. This finds perfect canvas of expression in fabrics and custom wear like suits, shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, tops, trousers, ties and bowties or even leather clutches, belts, shoes and many other accessories that bring completeness to the custom wear look.

For the majority of Thailand tailors, the versatile choice in fabrics is a reflection of this truism. Any adventurous shopping at BTS Nana is ever a rendezvous of multiplicity of color palates and the wearer’s color tone of comfort. Fabric colors always celebrate the impressions of life and here the expressions find ultimate ground for emotion.

How to Get Comfort, Right Color Tone and Craft Meticulous Wardrobes

-Choose Color Tones You Relate to Easily and are Comfortable With


In essence many special occasions like (black tie events or funerals) demand strict dress code. But for the office going and the daily routine achieving the right color dress pattern is all in the domain of personal choice and option. Colors should complement the essential inner personality and communicate the inert nature of the wearer. Blue, pink, yellow, cream or ivory, white, lavender, purple, red, orange, crimson, brown, grey, black, green,

-Try on as Many Colors and See if they Rhyme and Complement                            


Getting the right color tones and rhymes is a matter of trying on as many fabric dresses, blouses, shirts, skirts and pants to get proper color harmony. The essential drive for each color is rhyme, complement and fulfillment. This is an important part especially for custom made clothing.

-Build a Consistent but Varied and Dynamic Tone of Colors


They represent the different sides, shades to personality and therefore adapt to changes or shifts in moods. Fabric colors also are decisive way to tell your creative mind with cloth choices and options.


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