Properties and Elements of Modern Inspired Dress Shirt Fabrics

Have you given thought to what makes up your dress shirt fabrics or shirting’s? Have you ever questioned yourself as to what sits at the heart of the fabrics superb look and appearance? Chances are rarely so and because what looks good to many should surely feel better wearing and dressing in without any doubt. However, modern trends in bespoke dress shirt making begin with high quality materials. So the very heart and nature of your fabrics is very important since from the foundation and premise of good property and quality fabrics comes high quality dress shirts.

In most Bangkok tailor shops, abridge the shirts ends with a variety of creative construction that makes sense of its own identity apparent and distinct. Let’s look at some of the most typical yet fundamental principles to quality dress shirt fabrics.

Dynamic and Consistent Elements of Quality Dress Shirt Fabrics

Whereas making dress shirts may sound easy, these invisible yet valuable elements always impact appearance and performance for a perfect dress shirt.

Thread Count


Perhaps the most important consistent composition of dress shirt fabrics is the number of threads woven in each weft and warp (horizontal and diagonal). It’s gives more consistent display of uniform appearance and look eventually tells a lot or impacts texture and feel of the dress shirts fabrics.

Ply Count      

1ply and 2ply are common words heard and often misunderstood to what they exactly mean. When seen from the lay mans terms it’s the amount of yarn twisted or woven together to make threads. From these woven threads quality shirt fabrics are derived and made. Typically 2ply is stronger and durable while 1ply is lighter.

Fabric Feel and Texture

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The fabrics amazing properties of soft, tighter and relaxed feel derive from the composition of the thread count and ply rating.


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