Choose Three Piece Custom Suits with Right Vests

Suit vests are the archetypical fashion accessories that highlight your true knowledge and connoisseur of excellent tailoring quality. The custom suit vests have often been a matter of foregone conclusion approach but as perfection takes every detail seriously these 3 piece suit character enhancers are a great way to build true character defining look and design.

Tailors in Bankok

Bangkok tailors always present opportunities to build solid looking three piece custom suit designs when a suits personality and look is built around a strong sense of personal style. The graceful and amazing textured vest designs bring out the gentle and perfect way to sartorial elegance. Bangkok tailors between Sois 8 and 10 Klongtoey is marvel for vest enthusiasts.

Three Piece Vest Designs and Best Ways to Wear

V-Shaped Neckline, Slit Pockets and Pointed Bottom

The style of wearing three piece suits accords these unique three piece vests the presence of modernity steeped in traditional single breast suits that are remarkable for formal enhancement. They can look fantastic with notched lapel coats especially with higher cut.

High Neckline, Slit Pockets and Round Bottom

High necklines are prominent with higher cut suits or three button single breast suits. Although an adventurous dresser may attempt it even with the 2 button traditional suits they are majestic and flamboyant with a taller person.

Round and V-Shaped Collar, Slit Pockets and Pointed Bottom

The scoop like vest is primarily for a leisurely but typically formally look minus sacrificing the good nature of three piece suits.

V-Shaped Neckline, Flap Pockets and Round Bottom

 With collars still appearing high uniqueness is the difference of the pockets attribution that makes them stand out.

V-Shaped Neckline, Slit Pockets and Round Bottom

Round bottom just like the above vests are a new softer formality.

Notch Lapel, Slit Pockets and Sharp Bottom

The lapel effect is relaxed but sharp given the image it attempts to portray.

Shawl Collar, Slit Pockets and Sharp Bottom  

Tuxedos gain higher sense of celebrated style with these vets as the cut is lower like most low cut coats. They are a relaxed and differentiating point from the common or standard suit vest.


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