Best Fabric Tones and Image Projection they Offer

Dressing styles are different and preferred fabric colors vary. Fabric tones are very important in custom dressing as one tries an image makeover. Regular, exotic and rare look colors make big statements as one puts the best stylish foot forward.

Some Bangkok tailors fabrics show how best to match up putting importance on choice and particular image projection while shopping in central Bangkok.

shopping at central Bangkok

Custom Suit Fabric Hues and Image Makeover

Charcoal Gray
Among muted yet sophisticated colors with exquisite appeal and attraction. The suits radiate power, authority, stability and professionalism. They are excellent choices for first time suits for youth. Lighter than black or navy blue when placed together they are acceptable in most business gatherings. They are adaptable to match most color shirt.

Light Gray
Spring and summer color that doesn’t draw attention to wearer but shows suave personality and confidence. Light gray is a perfect choice for many complexions. Light gray is appropriate year round. The matches well with white, light blue, and several pale color shirts.

Navy Blue
Quintessential office-wear suits as seen on the bourses, corporate offices and boardrooms. Perfected in stripes as the office and business wear suits. They properly project youth, intellect and sharpness.

White matches most save the very light complexions. Summer’s best color offers opportunity for clean crisp look. The pure wear white suits are confidence boons.

Brown has light and deep chocolate hues. Most men look outstanding in earthy tones making brown suits classical wardrobe part. Brown tones weren’t taken serious colors for business wear tweed and sports coats come best in the color.

Non-flashy than white yet attracts attention apart from repetitive wear showing sartorial excellence. Chocolate suits form spring and summer perfect wear and in warm climate appropriate all year. Chocolate suits align with white, light blue and pale pastel shirts complementing dark ties.

Intermediate between gray and brown offering versatility in wardrobes to maintain professional appearance. Useable all-year it’s little or less dressy than charcoal suits yet likely to bring compliments for ability to flatter men’s finer features.
Fabric colors are still personal choices and what one feels comfortable wearing.


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