What are Your Favorite Ties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares and Cufflinks

There is an added dimension to style quotient when one wears the custom suit with the perfect rhyme of accessories that brings an extra dose of charm and the timeless scintillating glamour. Every color, fabric, design and the finishing touch of professionalism lifts the stylish meter a few notches higher and understanding what works best for you actually accords refined elegance.

Characterization and Embodiment of Your Custom Suit Accessories

Primacy of Bow Ties – a simple piece of knotted quality fabric commands all attention especially when rhymed with great tuxedos. There are primary and traditional bow tie knots that add the exclusive sophisticated aura like figure 8, shoelace, drapery tie back, square, sheet bend or butchers knot that add versatile sense to your range and collection of classic bowties. Each knot has varied symbolism and best time to spot one whether galas, premieres, receptions and awards functions.

Bow Ties Excellence of Ties – expressing your ultimate aim for donning one be it power projection, novelty sense, traditional classic, romantic tide and the youthful sense of monochromatic style there is always room for excellence. The most traditional yet sophisticated in terms of various knots perhaps are the Windsor knot, half Windsor, four in hand or the Pratt knot epitomizes excellence and custom suit individuality.

Excellence of ties   

Magnificence of Pocket Squares – a small peeping portion from the coats pocket draws the attention to the finesse of the suits personality and enterprising stance. Taking in the situation or occasion good pocket squares either octagonal, square, rectangular, zigzag or domed design have magnificent charm that shows your style knowledge and living in the times or fashion seasons.

Pocket Squares     

Harmonizing Influence of Cufflinks – bringing the suit ensemble into a capping influence of style the right tone of cufflinks help build harmony. There are all time shades for the best compliment to your custom suit like steel, grey, blue, pink, purple, orange or even red when the occasion demands some versatility.

Pocket Squres

A good combination of all accessories of custom suits add extra punch to custom suits appeal.