How to Create Custom and Personalized Style?

Style is ever dynamic and revolves around sets of values and self perceptions that best show our individuality. That style is in-born is not new yet there are stages as one grows and shifts through life that comes to embody the real image and sense of self. That way building personalized style reflects many stages of growth and maturity.

Custom tailors in Bangkok

But how does one create a definitive personalized sense of style that best captures his / her sense of progress and change. For many Thailand tailors the essence of personalized perfect fit and measurements is it should always rest easy on the shoulders of the wearer.

Dress with Ease, Style and Passion

Dresses apart from adding modesty and ‘second skin’ to human bodies reflect the sartorial garb of the individual and his personal choices or options. They easily touch the on core of his /her heart’s point of ease and style.

Define Your Comfort Style

Whether its traditional, contemporary, European or fusion wears there should be consistent progress of impeccable style credentials. Style speaks a lot about that traits, character and personality of its wearer. It highlights and shines more light on what one prefers most and is resplendently comfortable in with ease.

Focus on Fabrics and Preferred Color Tones

There are always fabrics and colors that bring out the different sartorial side that is hardly or rarely seen of the wearer. This is the style quotient of knowing what works well and when. These complement and complete the wearer’s complexion and style level.

Choose Best Complements and Accessories

In any case, there necessary accessories and complements that add style and grace to persona. These accessories are plus points for wholesome and complementary dressing that show the wearer at a deeper and complete fashion level.

Add the Natural and Impressive Self Demeanor /Cheer

Custom suits and dresses look awesome when worn with an air of confidence and cheer. It’s the perfect icing to an elegant ensemble of great taste, choice, mood and impressive looks. It draws attention, interest and curiosity in the personality.

Ensuring Proper Custom Suit Measurements

Measurements accomplish a lot even before the first stitch touch the fabrics. Like solid foundations for a house or building, stitching with precise and good fittings ensures better draping suits. Perfect fitting suits remain a function of inseparable.

The most daunting and challenging stitch is the torso as it takes patience and persistence. Yet shopping at BTS Nana tailors the most innovative opportunity for crafting great suits awaits and beckons.


Good and Correct Measurements

Coat Length (Front and Back)

Taking correct coat length both in the front and back builds better and more customized coats around specific body size and height. The front and back sides also determine suit drape properties.

Trouser Length (Inseam, Outer Seam, U Crotch and Cuffs)  

Good trousers length is important for the suits look and fluency. Great fitting trousers look remarkable and pronounced.

Vest Sizes

The three piece suit vests are iconic and well proportioned to body height normally in five buttoned fronts. Although six buttons exist preference of the wearer determines final choice.

Full and Half Shoulders

Shoulders measured from standing position greatly enhance the shirt as well as the coats drape abilities. Besides, they highlight ultimate comfortable fitting suit appearance.

Front and Back

The coats front and back, shirt and vest sizes are good for snug but comfortable suits. They ensure suits add that protective layer to your skin and modesty.

Neck, Collar and Shoulders

Nothing is unflattering as sagging, baggy and large collar sizes with gaping ill fit. Good measurements align seams and body shape.

Chest Span

Chest measurements are expansive and define the coats majestic stance well. Correct chest measurements are fundamental to great drape properties.

Stomach and Waist Size

Precise fitting around the waist and stomach ensures suits none sagging or loose ill fitting suits.

Hip Perimeter

Some style influences on the hips make strides more comfortable and enjoyable with less friction on the pant cuffs.

Sleeve and Cuff Size

Correct coat and shirt sleeve length and shirt sleeve length add perfect statement of fit.

Points to remember while choosing custom tailor in Bangkok

Fashion is a sense of beauty and how we feel when we are wearing clothes. Style trends change day by day and people are always curious to know what are the latest designs in use these days. Bangkok is famous for custom tailors and there are a plenty of shops that do custom tailoring. But to choose the best tailor is a bit difficult task and you will have to make some real efforts for this.

Custom Shopping in Sukhumvit

The main points to keep in mind while choosing custom tailor are

  • Don’t get attracted by low prices and the discount which they are giving, it might be possible that you end up buying bad quality fabrics.
  • Always ask the tailor to show some stitching work which they have done and the quality of fabrics which they have used, this will give an idea of the suit how it will look after ready.
  • Keep in mind the outfit which you want and discuss it with the tailor that you want to be made. So that there is no confusion between you and the tailor.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to order the tailor to make your suit in a given deadline because custom tailoring needs time and patience.
  • If you don’t know where to go, the hotels and business areas are the best places around which you can find good custom tailors.
  • Ask the tailor to do two or three fitting sessions so that you can get the suit as desired.

If you are going for a trip to Bangkok then don’t forget the specialties of this place. This place is famous for custom tailors and if you want a suit to be ready for some occasion then this is the best place where you can find some of the most prominent custom tailors.

Custom Suit Crests

A crest is the peak / crown aspect to an ensemble giving prominence and primacy. There are behaviors hard to break from try as you might to justify the new norm as standard and modern. Custom suit crests however, define, attribute, add shine and elegance to modern aesthetics (way something looks in terms of pleasant nature) and the reinvention of the common designs.

custom tailored suits for men

For Thai tailors crests are the differentiating ideal to make outstanding and unique crafts. There’s always the appeal, grace and grading factor for suits but crests aren’t just ordinary pluses to ensembles – they are epitome and definitive.

Types of Crests

Jacket Lining

Jacket liners in remarkable and sound colors will highlight the stature and the bold themes of the suits. There is some projection of different attitude with well done jacket liners for casual and relaxed look.

Pocket Square

This is a folded protruding and decorative piece of cloth in the breast pocket that lends due prominence with appeal and unique attributes to the coat. Its appeal complements the character and the overall ensemble of the suit and personality. Suits highlight the essence and poise.

Tuxedos Themes

Be they the lapels, collars and cuffs or pant linings that highlight the tailors theme for the tuxedo, if done with expert application finesse and emphasis hold out on crest substance.

Seam Design

Good seam stitching can create enhanced creativity which makes custom suits look special and inspired. The stock of reserve fabric on the joint must not be excessive to create excessive bulge rather emphasize precise fits and correct measurements.

Button Hole Emphasis

Buttons open, embrace and release parts of suits to create a sartorial elegance. A flowing and unifying theme for a buttoned, suited up persona. This crest portion adds unique value as well appearance.

From this simple illustration crests are the crowning glory to an already great suit adding vital sheen and shine.