Are You a Fashion Laggard or Trendsetter?

A popular saying goes ‘Courage favors the brave’ and likewise laggards are slow pace movers who cannot adapt to the pace of consistent change. Fashion in many ways depicts and moves fast and one can easily be left behind in the style stakes. So question yourself; how do you know and tell what is in fashion and what is not? Are you a fashion laggard or are you a trendsetter with your pulse tuned into the latest hot designs and styles.

For latest custom suit designs and styles shopping at BTS Nana is an engaging experience that sets in the trendsetter and marks out your style and appeal. But why is it common place to see many wearers struggle to break the fashion faux pas (debacle and mistake)? What are the characteristic traits of a trendsetter and laggard? These points iron out some strength and positives of each choice.

Characteristics of Laggards and Trendsetters

  • Trendsetters are knowledgeable to the minute details of quality fabrics, good stitches, service quality and aspire for uncompromising top class finished products. Laggards are consensual to what lies in between and can take anything that fits and looks good. They compromise on several aspects of their look.
  • Laggards are slow to adapt to new fashion trends and care less of modern fashion styles or image. Trendsetters are ever conscious of their image, new fashion trends and are ever adapting something new in their wardrobe for their defining style.
  • Passionate trendsetters are creative, innovative and move with the pulse of the season to present themselves each time in a new light and way. They strive for attention and detail. Laggards are slow to accept the new styles and need time to grow into mode of acceptance or adapting.

Overall, for trendsetters latest custom suit style trends are a standard whereas for the laggards compromise standards.

How Does Body Shape Affect Suit Drape?

For many custom suit lovers and those smitten by the look good bug a suits drape means a lot in terms of looking and feeling great. However custom suits look and turn out on each body as determined by several factors especially the body shape, several personal postures and above all the suits fitting finesse or finishing by the skillful master tailor. When shopping in central Bangkok, tailors take time to make at least three fittings driven primarily by perfection but just as well comfort in several postures and sitting positions. Through stride, standing, leaning or hunched, sitting, flexing or stretch and as many other positions that may occur as one goes on with personal activities drape should still retain  a high level of fine look. For good drape properties these factors are always very important and taken care of.

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Body Shape and Effect on Draping Properties

While moving different bodies will need varied space or freedom for stretch and relaxation in the fabrics and fully designed suits. That’s why measurements are done and redone again to put all factors in consideration. Some fabrics offer minimal fiber stretch but some relax with time, wear and dry cleaning.

Standing Still Position – a relaxed position is always preferred to ensure the body is at its best posture. Moreover suits are designed to ensure maximum comfort and mobility even from the standing position.   

Posture and Personal Height – height brings a different perspective as making overly long pants or coat seems out of turn and sync. For better draping the suits height reflects the height, ease and possible postures of the wearer.

Hunched Leaning Position – many wearers are bound to sit or lean from activity or the other. Body shape is critical here as different bodies will go different angles and exert fabrics differently. Moreover the manner of detailed stitch can determine the level or extent of comfortable stretch without tear or damage and retaining the ease of suit drape.