Comfortable Fabrics in Humid Environments

Humidity increases the chances for the limited breathability of the skin and the expression of the body leading to increased perspiration. As the precipitation increases in the sky leading to the increased body perspiration chances are that it shows on the fabrics. This can be an eyesore with white patches of salty sweat effect reflected on any effervescent and vibrant fabric shirt. There are many ways to wear a shirt with a great deal of decency and maintain the high standards of sartorial exuberance.

Custom Suit Fabric

These few fabrics have been and are a common staple with most central Bangkok tailors as an active ingredient for the suits and clothing that keep you cool even as the heat multiplies and intensifies.

Cotton – A natural fiber fabric combining excellent properties of absorbency, breathability and light or tender feel make it ideal wear in high humidity. Sometimes maintaining cool even in extreme sweaty environments and retaining the hue or look it becomes a better choice even as it also allows fresh air to pass through. That keeps the skin pores both cool and body temperature well regulated. Cotton has many variations depending on the weave, fiber lengths and the dyes.     

Hemp – Is another natural fiber fabric from the cannabis sativa. Although not as versatile and strong as cotton it still gives some basic breathability.

Rayon – The fabric made from natural cellulose through chemical process make it soft and cool. It tries to match the caliber of natural fabrics like cotton and linen but has short lifespan. Dry clean is good for its longevity, retention of its properties and providing comfort and breathability.  

Linen – Flax plant fabric has been around for century’s advancing with refinement and better methods of production. Its properties are more or less like cotton if in higher and better grades. Infact its considered lighter though with faster wrinkling and creasing. This fabric has been used for many purposes even as early as the Egyptian civilization for the mummification of departed royals. Its rich texture look has been enhanced with some innovation in fabric technology to get the fabric we see today with rich absorbency and breathability.        

Most cotton offshoot fabrics like corduroy, flannel, seersucker and terrycloth are comfortable.