How to Make Elaborate Style Statements in Custom Dress Pants

For most men perhaps dress pants are like the second skin they wear perfectly, often and admire to compare notes regularly. Shopping at BTS Nana for Bangkok tailor custom dress pants has a dramatic and unique way to exalt an individual dress statement. For here, there are always nuances, styles and designs that make any dress pant appear unique to each wearer.

So, in choosing the best dress pants which important style and design aspects make the highest impact visually?

Important Designs Aspects of Good Dress Pants

As vital parts of mens style statements, good dress pants should show and illustrate the true aspects of mans appearance in a coherent and progressive manner of styling and designing. These areas are vital for the look of the pants.

Waistline Fittings 

Waistlines are the quintessential determinant of great drape properties and affect the visual appeal of the dress pants. They are in essence the focal area to make a definitive style to individual fittings.

Fly Size and Seam Alignment

One of the glaring and common examples of bad stitch and tailoring are poor alignment of seam and stitch. For Bangkok tailors these are easily overcome with precise adherence to correct and defined sizes of the wearers body shape and size.

Thigh Size and Pant Length

Pleats or Flat Fronts Thigh Area Show Good Pant Fitting

When dress pants size and length connect there is an alluring appeal of appropriate dress style statement that is admirable. They create an impressive art in fitting fabric design whether single or double break fit, flat fronts, single or double pleats design.

Pockets and Hemlines

One of the most versatile and creative design statements of pants is the nature and appeal of pockets – front, side and back pockets. They add distinctive flavour and flair to pants amazing attraction and overall beauty.


Emphasizing Importance for the Right Dress Code and Tone

Quite often the need to look uniform and present a united stand and stance cuts through the ethos and ethics of many firms and organizations. Yet for many people still believe dress codes and tones are the sole concern of offices and companies. Appearing calm and collected in any dress code is also a matter of personal integrity.

There are points that the right dress code dwells on that are spot on specific and precise. As any suit shopping at BTS Nana, Bangkok attests these are unique and vital things to keep in mind.

Powerful Image Projection and Impression

single breasted, two buttons, notch lapels, one extra cash pocketbrownstone-glen-plaid-front (1)

Good Business Suits are More than Just Garb 

Does the need to appear amiable and personable (approachable) tickle your sense of dress and appearance? In certain fields of professional pursuit or career the right image determines and is critical in telling the level of success and failure. Image is everything a certain cliché goes and when observed critically it surely is. Building the right personal and individual dress code can affect and effect changes in ones professional growth and responsibilities.

Enhanced Public Perception and Formation of Opinion

single breasted, four buttons, notch lapelsfour-button

Potential for Leadership and Inspire Good Opinion

The fact still remains that we form opinions and perceptions of what we see in others dressed in; either leadership or managerial potential. That means there is a strong correlation between good qualities and dress sense. Also, good dress sense is connected to responsible behaviour. This perception and belief means a good dress is attached to enhanced public perception of good values.

Sound Basis for Professional Career Growth

double breasted, six buttons (two buttons toclose) peak lapelscanali-light-grey-stripe-double-breasted-stripe-suit-product-2-9696041-395393619_large_flex

Although there are as many other factors working in tandem or collaborating for good career growth cutting a god image works in favor to an extent. A good suit and clean cut looks should dwell and stay in the minds of certain professional circles and industry.