How Do Your Dresses Define Your Body Shape?

Women’s bespoke dresses are a lively and an ‘electric touch’ to any woman’s wardrobe and they are great style enhancers not just for the image but also daily routine of life. Dressing well accomplishes two major and important aspirations; apart from style and image enhancement it’s powerful statement of individuality. But essentially there is a lot of reference to body shape as a crucial factor to determine your best choice dress. Therefore, Bangkok tailor custom dresses will show your creative and personal best in light of your choices and options. Be it colors, fabrics, designs and styles there is a lot going for dressing to impress and making a powerful style statement.

Hourglass Shaped Button Down Dress 


The most appreciative part about the dress shape is its versatile accentuation to a woman’s appearance and confidence. It gives due diligence and flatter to lift the sartorial look from the top to the bottom.

Oval Shaped Floral Button Dress

This dress provides shape and creative appeal from the top top part by accentuating the upper with the lower in a flayered design and style. The dress’ main appeal and plus point is achieving a fine balance between the upper torso and the lower bottom.    

Pear Shaped Pink Dress

Wider at the hips and slimmer at the top naturally draws interest in custom dresses that flatter their body shape.

Rectangular Body Shape Black Dress

For wide shouldered and taller women the dress impression creates a fine balance between height and the natural disposition of features by balancing the upper torso with the height in fitting and defined measurement. Adding another classic assortment are the short sleeves and the heart-shaped neckline for good measure. It’s a classical dress for the casual and semi-casual dress statement. For better look it works well knowing what dresses fit and define you in all the right areas.