Chilly ways to remain cool wearing suits in the hot summer days!

Most men face tough time wearing suits in the scorching summer season. Even though the blazing heat is killing them, still, when it comes to work settings, they’re somewhere bound to keep up with their dapper appearance going for the suits. Men definitely don’t get to relish the sartorial liberties as their women counterparts do. While women have variety of clothing options in summer, both for work and evening affairs, men generally give in to cotton and linen clothing when the temperature is roaring.

shopping near MRT Ashok/Sukhmvit

Thousands of bucks are spent by men when it comes to buying suits, as they consider it as yearly investment, but is it really possible to continue with your love for suits both in warm as well as winter season? Well, the answer to that question is indeed in affirmative.

Yes, you can wear your beloved suits to as many occasions, if taken care of few things mentioned below:

Fabric: What goes into the making of suits is wool and silk, and they are weaved in seven-to-ten ounce range. In summers, it’d be advised you opt for seven ounce, as that is lighter and thinner.

Color: In warmer season, it is apt to go for lighter shades in color and in that case, grey, beige and other light colors just seem the best options. As these colors are naturally cool, so they will keep you cool as well. The light colors minimize heat and they are just the right thing if your job involves you to remain outdoors for a long time in a day.

Cool-Effect suit: Yeah, it’s really a term. Cool-effect suits have this best feature of keeping you cool in even during the days when heat is at its peak.

Shoes: Welcome the loafer liners in your formal wardrobe, as they give formal appearance, and your feet will feel really light once you sport them.

You can have the best summer shopping experience by shopping near MRT Ashok/Sukhmvit. The highlight of this area is the custom-tailoring services offered there. Won’t it be great that you’d get to own bespoke suits, which would be true to your fit.

So this season, shop near MRT Ashok/Sukhmvit and put forth your dashing personality to the world!


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