How to Make Elaborate Style Statements in Custom Dress Pants

For most men perhaps dress pants are like the second skin they wear perfectly, often and admire to compare notes regularly. Shopping at BTS Nana for Bangkok tailor custom dress pants has a dramatic and unique way to exalt an individual dress statement. For here, there are always nuances, styles and designs that make any dress pant appear unique to each wearer.

So, in choosing the best dress pants which important style and design aspects make the highest impact visually?

Important Designs Aspects of Good Dress Pants

As vital parts of mens style statements, good dress pants should show and illustrate the true aspects of mans appearance in a coherent and progressive manner of styling and designing. These areas are vital for the look of the pants.

Waistline Fittings 

Waistlines are the quintessential determinant of great drape properties and affect the visual appeal of the dress pants. They are in essence the focal area to make a definitive style to individual fittings.

Fly Size and Seam Alignment

One of the glaring and common examples of bad stitch and tailoring are poor alignment of seam and stitch. For Bangkok tailors these are easily overcome with precise adherence to correct and defined sizes of the wearers body shape and size.

Thigh Size and Pant Length

Pleats or Flat Fronts Thigh Area Show Good Pant Fitting

When dress pants size and length connect there is an alluring appeal of appropriate dress style statement that is admirable. They create an impressive art in fitting fabric design whether single or double break fit, flat fronts, single or double pleats design.

Pockets and Hemlines

One of the most versatile and creative design statements of pants is the nature and appeal of pockets – front, side and back pockets. They add distinctive flavour and flair to pants amazing attraction and overall beauty.


What Style Aspects Count Most in Choosing Great Dinner Jackets?


Be it black tie or white tie; dinners, benefits, concerts, galas and awards functions there is and has always been long, enduring and unique style tradition. Almost all their own and inspired to great stylish plane and comportment– the dinner jacket or tuxedo. With high level of fine taste tremendous character of polish and finishing that brings an air of suave urbaneness and clean cut flamboyance on spotting a new tuxedo suit. For most wearers though the aspiration and attempt can be riddled with faux pas or grave ‘fashion treason’ if not injustice of what counts and what doesn’t take center stage.

And for many wearers shopping at central Bangkok, this is the platform to settle some potentially embarrassing ‘fashion mistakes’ with detailed stitch and craft at Bangkok custom tailors. So, potentially what design aspects makes great Bangkok tailor dinner jackets or tuxedos acclaim and confound or embarrass and disappoint.

Some of the Best Style Pointers to Great Dinner Jackets

 Precise Fit and Stylish Finish


One of the outstanding fine points of great Bangkok tailors tuxedos is a great marriage of stylish fit and the exacting premise of classical finish. Tuxedos are always about putting a commanding air of suave urbaneness and flamboyance that creates a sophisticated a yet understated style persona and statement.

 Lapel and Collar Designs


The most applauding and understated design aspect of the tuxedo suits perhaps, yet to great extents bringing colorful style is lapel orientation. They hold the attractive and enticing x-factors; bowties, correct collars and perfect placket design extent and emphasis.

Tuxedo Jacket and Pant Accents

There is an added style plus seeing tuxedo jacket accents personalized in the fashion tastes of any wearer. Be pocket high highlights, lapel piping or the eternal favourite pant side highlight. There are as many design aspects to make for great tuxedo styles.

How to Pick and Choose the Right Pocket Square Style

A well stitched and dressed custom suit may bask in the limelight of glory; great fit, style and indeed the correct dress code for the occasion. Yet, occasionally there are some seemingly minor but significant style enhancers that ruin the suits pleasant flow of grace and charm — the pocket square.  Of all fashion mistakes many wearers do is carry out some outrageous combinations that shout and yell disaster and wrong!

pocket square styles

pocket square styles

First, there’s style etiquette for the humble piece of suit accessory and there are also style extras for its correct comportment. So, what is the style etiquette first of all for the pocket squares? And what is the correct way to spot it? These pocket square style enhancer tips are vital when shopping at BTS Nana.

Do’s for Pocket Square Style

  • Always contrast pattern, shade and color to tie.
  • Conveys specific attributes of custom suit properties.
  • Creates mutual, definitive and agreeable style tone to tie and suit
  • Folds creatively done to inspire style awe and appeal.

Don’ts for Pocket Square Style 

  • Don’t make similar color choices especially for ties and pocket squares.
  • Avoid extremely loud color casual tones on basic formal color tones
  • Ensure fold is resonant and co-ordinates to occasion and purpose

Why it’s Important to Follow the Right and Pocket Square Style

  • It gives a definitive and stylish addition to custom suits style
  • Refines a custom suits traditional and sharp features
  • Power pocket squares no doubt redefine power dressing
  • Exalt the proper custom suits comportment and presentation
  • Pocket squares are the most subtle yet eloquent aspect to custom suits

If they feels and gives proper rhyme and rhythm to tone and tenor of suits style and design pocket squares are more than just pocket accessories… they are powerful fashion and style statements.              



Do Tie Colors Really Matter in Making Right Sartorial Statements?

Red or Blue, Yellow, Purple or Violet; the tie color debate seems a continuous discourse to show which provides the best show of sartorial correctness or apt statements. Its true tie color for custom suits is an absolutely important area for the right way to enhance ones sartorial definiteness and appearance. These is the hallmark to gauge the depth and maturity of any wardrobe.

Tie color is directly connected to a fabrics emotive ability as well as the wearer’s style statement. In that sense tie color speaks volumes about the size of-

What Do Primary Tie Colors Symbolize or Say in Custom Dressing

Red: Traditions may defer yet secularly red embodies vigilance, heightened state of alert, attention and care. It’s the state of being on the mark, alert and aware to any possible danger lurking or even react in time to action or challenge. Given its high fidelity in sharp contrast to blue it’s the color that best exudes the spirit to action and readying for timely reaction.

custom ties

Best complimentary colors of red ties are white, black or cream and ivory shades

Blue: It signifies calm, peace, tranquil, honesty, sincerity or openness. The prevalent color of clear blue sky or even the ocean blue waters of the sea are remarkably calming and influencing patterns of thoughts and actions. Blue is associated with the elements of rest and repose.

custom tailors in Bangkok

Best complimentary colors for blue ties are black (contrast), white or colored dress shirts

Yellow: It testifies to fiery rays of sun, exuberance, prosperity and happiness. Even though for some it’s a spirit of fear and selfishness its engrossing presence is undeniable.


Best complementary colors for yellow ties are navy blue, purple or violet

Does Your Tie Color Say Anything About You or Wardrobe Choice?

  • Sometimes tie color is decoded to mean purpose, intentions or motives.
  • It may reflect honesty, truth and the willingness on one side.

How to Dress Like a Film Star and Rock the Tuxedo Shirt

A tuxedo shirt (tux, in modern slang) is always a fascinating dress to sport for that dinner reception or gala awards invitation. It cuts a splendid fit and exotic spell of charm and exquisitely fine shirt crafting. Its resplendent attributes of perfect collars, pleat front, button stance, cummerbunds and crisp look of fine color is an allure on its own. For most film stars and prominent personality this is a must have in the wardrobe for the constant invitations and ceremonies – awards, galas, dinners, charity balls, premieres, banquets, weddings and as many ways for its pristine wear and use.

In Thailand, the best place perhaps to pick a tuxedo shirt is from the renowned Bangkok tailor competence and quality. There are several nuances though to this princely dress while shopping at central Bangkok that are important to know and help acquire that film star look you crave.

Tuxedo Shirt Collar Designs and Best Way to Dress Them Up            

Wing Tip Collar Tuxedo Shirts


Robert Pattinson Spots a Wing Tip Collar Tuxedo Shirt

The wing tip collar tuxedo shirt is a favorite of gala and award dinners and offers a resplendently fine and clean image. The wing like stance of the collar lifts up or stiffens away from shirt to create an alluring appeal and space for matching black bow tie.

Regular Lay Down Tuxedo Collar Shirt


Bradley Cooper Spots Regular Lay Down Tuxedo Shirt

The impressive regular lay down collar tuxedo enhances and emphasizes an understated exotic yet sophisticated formality. Its power generating attributes in the simplicity of collar design packed with the finest attachment to button stance either in emotive statement or silver color finishing depending on the tuxedo suit.

It goes without saying that the perfect blend for fine style is in exquisite design tastes.

Different Types of Suit Lapels and Symbolism

Lapels are prominent parts of any suit design and for good reasons than any other; their stylish addition brings more character to the overall style trend and command presence and attention. Their design, prominence, drape, fine finishing brings out the true character of the suits eminent personality. Styling and strutting any one of the known lapel designs has impact, impression and significant impression on your bevy of admirers.

But essentially what does each lapel design prove as much as portray. And what are the characteristic differing positions for each lapel in suit design. These are important question to keep in mind while shopping custom suit near Central Bangkok for your definitive custom suit design

Types of Lapel Designs and Occasions for Best Use

Each lapel design captures and elevates the suit to a different level of personalization and characterization.

Diamond Lapels – stretching across the upper chest it looks like to an elongated triangle from top to bottom. The gradual long drape across the chest gives an impressive cut different from other types of lapel designs infused with fresh cutting-edge stylishness. The youthful lapel design looks easy on younger generation style enthusiasts that crave attention, difference and uniqueness.

Diamond Lapels

Notch Lapels – this is the traditional style that sits pretty and cool on most suits; be it a business suit or regular wear suit. With variation in its gradual drape across the chest it provides the necessary stylish innovation and creativity. It’s the easy lapel design for most custom suits yet can easily adapt to sophistication with the right delicate finishing.

Notch Lapel

Peak Lapels – they command attention are believed to have been carried from the double and triple breasted suits that epitomize military ceremonial discipline and elegance. The lapel designs not only portray the exquisite appeal and trim of the military cut ceremonial suit, but also capitalize to enhance civilian elegance and attributes.

Peaked Lapels

Shawl Lapels – seen on most tuxedos adding a touch of sophisticated luxury and relaxation. This lapel design primarily adds a relaxing and variable touch to suits enhancing versatility in wardrobe wear.

Shawl Lapel


Ensuring Proper Custom Suit Measurements

Measurements accomplish a lot even before the first stitch touch the fabrics. Like solid foundations for a house or building, stitching with precise and good fittings ensures better draping suits. Perfect fitting suits remain a function of inseparable.

The most daunting and challenging stitch is the torso as it takes patience and persistence. Yet shopping at BTS Nana tailors the most innovative opportunity for crafting great suits awaits and beckons.


Good and Correct Measurements

Coat Length (Front and Back)

Taking correct coat length both in the front and back builds better and more customized coats around specific body size and height. The front and back sides also determine suit drape properties.

Trouser Length (Inseam, Outer Seam, U Crotch and Cuffs)  

Good trousers length is important for the suits look and fluency. Great fitting trousers look remarkable and pronounced.

Vest Sizes

The three piece suit vests are iconic and well proportioned to body height normally in five buttoned fronts. Although six buttons exist preference of the wearer determines final choice.

Full and Half Shoulders

Shoulders measured from standing position greatly enhance the shirt as well as the coats drape abilities. Besides, they highlight ultimate comfortable fitting suit appearance.

Front and Back

The coats front and back, shirt and vest sizes are good for snug but comfortable suits. They ensure suits add that protective layer to your skin and modesty.

Neck, Collar and Shoulders

Nothing is unflattering as sagging, baggy and large collar sizes with gaping ill fit. Good measurements align seams and body shape.

Chest Span

Chest measurements are expansive and define the coats majestic stance well. Correct chest measurements are fundamental to great drape properties.

Stomach and Waist Size

Precise fitting around the waist and stomach ensures suits none sagging or loose ill fitting suits.

Hip Perimeter

Some style influences on the hips make strides more comfortable and enjoyable with less friction on the pant cuffs.

Sleeve and Cuff Size

Correct coat and shirt sleeve length and shirt sleeve length add perfect statement of fit.

Best Fabric Tones and Image Projection they Offer

Dressing styles are different and preferred fabric colors vary. Fabric tones are very important in custom dressing as one tries an image makeover. Regular, exotic and rare look colors make big statements as one puts the best stylish foot forward.

Some Bangkok tailors fabrics show how best to match up putting importance on choice and particular image projection while shopping in central Bangkok.

shopping at central Bangkok

Custom Suit Fabric Hues and Image Makeover

Charcoal Gray
Among muted yet sophisticated colors with exquisite appeal and attraction. The suits radiate power, authority, stability and professionalism. They are excellent choices for first time suits for youth. Lighter than black or navy blue when placed together they are acceptable in most business gatherings. They are adaptable to match most color shirt.

Light Gray
Spring and summer color that doesn’t draw attention to wearer but shows suave personality and confidence. Light gray is a perfect choice for many complexions. Light gray is appropriate year round. The matches well with white, light blue, and several pale color shirts.

Navy Blue
Quintessential office-wear suits as seen on the bourses, corporate offices and boardrooms. Perfected in stripes as the office and business wear suits. They properly project youth, intellect and sharpness.

White matches most save the very light complexions. Summer’s best color offers opportunity for clean crisp look. The pure wear white suits are confidence boons.

Brown has light and deep chocolate hues. Most men look outstanding in earthy tones making brown suits classical wardrobe part. Brown tones weren’t taken serious colors for business wear tweed and sports coats come best in the color.

Non-flashy than white yet attracts attention apart from repetitive wear showing sartorial excellence. Chocolate suits form spring and summer perfect wear and in warm climate appropriate all year. Chocolate suits align with white, light blue and pale pastel shirts complementing dark ties.

Intermediate between gray and brown offering versatility in wardrobes to maintain professional appearance. Useable all-year it’s little or less dressy than charcoal suits yet likely to bring compliments for ability to flatter men’s finer features.
Fabric colors are still personal choices and what one feels comfortable wearing.