How to Pick and Choose the Right Pocket Square Style

A well stitched and dressed custom suit may bask in the limelight of glory; great fit, style and indeed the correct dress code for the occasion. Yet, occasionally there are some seemingly minor but significant style enhancers that ruin the suits pleasant flow of grace and charm — the pocket square.  Of all fashion mistakes many wearers do is carry out some outrageous combinations that shout and yell disaster and wrong!

pocket square styles

pocket square styles

First, there’s style etiquette for the humble piece of suit accessory and there are also style extras for its correct comportment. So, what is the style etiquette first of all for the pocket squares? And what is the correct way to spot it? These pocket square style enhancer tips are vital when shopping at BTS Nana.

Do’s for Pocket Square Style

  • Always contrast pattern, shade and color to tie.
  • Conveys specific attributes of custom suit properties.
  • Creates mutual, definitive and agreeable style tone to tie and suit
  • Folds creatively done to inspire style awe and appeal.

Don’ts for Pocket Square Style 

  • Don’t make similar color choices especially for ties and pocket squares.
  • Avoid extremely loud color casual tones on basic formal color tones
  • Ensure fold is resonant and co-ordinates to occasion and purpose

Why it’s Important to Follow the Right and Pocket Square Style

  • It gives a definitive and stylish addition to custom suits style
  • Refines a custom suits traditional and sharp features
  • Power pocket squares no doubt redefine power dressing
  • Exalt the proper custom suits comportment and presentation
  • Pocket squares are the most subtle yet eloquent aspect to custom suits

If they feels and gives proper rhyme and rhythm to tone and tenor of suits style and design pocket squares are more than just pocket accessories… they are powerful fashion and style statements.              



Ensuring Proper Custom Suit Measurements

Measurements accomplish a lot even before the first stitch touch the fabrics. Like solid foundations for a house or building, stitching with precise and good fittings ensures better draping suits. Perfect fitting suits remain a function of inseparable.

The most daunting and challenging stitch is the torso as it takes patience and persistence. Yet shopping at BTS Nana tailors the most innovative opportunity for crafting great suits awaits and beckons.


Good and Correct Measurements

Coat Length (Front and Back)

Taking correct coat length both in the front and back builds better and more customized coats around specific body size and height. The front and back sides also determine suit drape properties.

Trouser Length (Inseam, Outer Seam, U Crotch and Cuffs)  

Good trousers length is important for the suits look and fluency. Great fitting trousers look remarkable and pronounced.

Vest Sizes

The three piece suit vests are iconic and well proportioned to body height normally in five buttoned fronts. Although six buttons exist preference of the wearer determines final choice.

Full and Half Shoulders

Shoulders measured from standing position greatly enhance the shirt as well as the coats drape abilities. Besides, they highlight ultimate comfortable fitting suit appearance.

Front and Back

The coats front and back, shirt and vest sizes are good for snug but comfortable suits. They ensure suits add that protective layer to your skin and modesty.

Neck, Collar and Shoulders

Nothing is unflattering as sagging, baggy and large collar sizes with gaping ill fit. Good measurements align seams and body shape.

Chest Span

Chest measurements are expansive and define the coats majestic stance well. Correct chest measurements are fundamental to great drape properties.

Stomach and Waist Size

Precise fitting around the waist and stomach ensures suits none sagging or loose ill fitting suits.

Hip Perimeter

Some style influences on the hips make strides more comfortable and enjoyable with less friction on the pant cuffs.

Sleeve and Cuff Size

Correct coat and shirt sleeve length and shirt sleeve length add perfect statement of fit.