Properties and Elements of Modern Inspired Dress Shirt Fabrics

Have you given thought to what makes up your dress shirt fabrics or shirting’s? Have you ever questioned yourself as to what sits at the heart of the fabrics superb look and appearance? Chances are rarely so and because what looks good to many should surely feel better wearing and dressing in without any doubt. However, modern trends in bespoke dress shirt making begin with high quality materials. So the very heart and nature of your fabrics is very important since from the foundation and premise of good property and quality fabrics comes high quality dress shirts.

In most Bangkok tailor shops, abridge the shirts ends with a variety of creative construction that makes sense of its own identity apparent and distinct. Let’s look at some of the most typical yet fundamental principles to quality dress shirt fabrics.

Dynamic and Consistent Elements of Quality Dress Shirt Fabrics

Whereas making dress shirts may sound easy, these invisible yet valuable elements always impact appearance and performance for a perfect dress shirt.

Thread Count


Perhaps the most important consistent composition of dress shirt fabrics is the number of threads woven in each weft and warp (horizontal and diagonal). It’s gives more consistent display of uniform appearance and look eventually tells a lot or impacts texture and feel of the dress shirts fabrics.

Ply Count      

1ply and 2ply are common words heard and often misunderstood to what they exactly mean. When seen from the lay mans terms it’s the amount of yarn twisted or woven together to make threads. From these woven threads quality shirt fabrics are derived and made. Typically 2ply is stronger and durable while 1ply is lighter.

Fabric Feel and Texture

PicMonkey Collage

The fabrics amazing properties of soft, tighter and relaxed feel derive from the composition of the thread count and ply rating.

Where Stylish Quality Fabric Overcoat Add Style Value

There are times it gets cold, hot, humid, rain or blooms into pleasant weather spring time. In all these seasons there are style favorites and passions from great custom Bangkok tailors like overcoats that become part of mainstream fashion wear. In cold climates especially winter time settings they are always a necessity adding warmth and comfort to functional, effective and dressy wear. But often getting the right overcoat is born of why and how one dresses, style preferences and character.


Some fabrics exude better and higher grade character and strength when best blended with similarly strong and versatile threads that create dynamically stronger and durable products. An overcoat simply put complements and adds value and distinction to an already high-end product like a custom dress or suit.

Important Overcoat Designs Bringing Style and Fashion Value

There is always choice according to comfort, choice and style.

Single Breast and Three Button Overcoats

These overcoat style favorites and designs with slant pockets, notch lapels and single center vent.  They add a s stylish grace and appeal especially to single breast suits as an adorning symbol of custom making excellence and apparel.

Double Breast and Four Button Overcoats

The overcoats lined with peak lapels, two buttons to close and back central vents create versatile appeal and appearance for the dapper bespoke wear as it makes customs suits appearance align with the overcoats design and style. They are grand designs for the characteristic business suit ensemble and create a coherent design statement.

Double Breast and Six Button Overcoats

The dapper overcoats are exacting statement of stylish avant-garde in premium quality fabrics with six buttons (two to close) and behind stylish single central vent.

Single Breast and Hidden Button Overcoats

By creating an illusion of button less overcoats the style and design presents flawless and rhythmic style with notch lapels and central back vent.

How Do Your Dresses Define Your Body Shape?

Women’s bespoke dresses are a lively and an ‘electric touch’ to any woman’s wardrobe and they are great style enhancers not just for the image but also daily routine of life. Dressing well accomplishes two major and important aspirations; apart from style and image enhancement it’s powerful statement of individuality. But essentially there is a lot of reference to body shape as a crucial factor to determine your best choice dress. Therefore, Bangkok tailor custom dresses will show your creative and personal best in light of your choices and options. Be it colors, fabrics, designs and styles there is a lot going for dressing to impress and making a powerful style statement.

Hourglass Shaped Button Down Dress 


The most appreciative part about the dress shape is its versatile accentuation to a woman’s appearance and confidence. It gives due diligence and flatter to lift the sartorial look from the top to the bottom.

Oval Shaped Floral Button Dress

This dress provides shape and creative appeal from the top top part by accentuating the upper with the lower in a flayered design and style. The dress’ main appeal and plus point is achieving a fine balance between the upper torso and the lower bottom.    

Pear Shaped Pink Dress

Wider at the hips and slimmer at the top naturally draws interest in custom dresses that flatter their body shape.

Rectangular Body Shape Black Dress

For wide shouldered and taller women the dress impression creates a fine balance between height and the natural disposition of features by balancing the upper torso with the height in fitting and defined measurement. Adding another classic assortment are the short sleeves and the heart-shaped neckline for good measure. It’s a classical dress for the casual and semi-casual dress statement. For better look it works well knowing what dresses fit and define you in all the right areas.

Custom-tailored attires are ruling the wardrobe of most celebrities nowadays [Infographic]

Tailoring is an art that adds life to the material, enriching it and enhancing the personality of the wearer. Today its trend has reached all new heights with more and more fashion-conscious people showing keen interest in bespoke tailoring. This is one trend, most people can keep track with, as there is a great collection suit styles, patterns and fabrics, one is free to opt for. With suits, shirts, coats, blouses, overcoats, pants, skirts, tuxedo suits, jackets, overcoats, there is something for everyone and the custom tailors serve both men and women, as well as people of all age-groups.

In fact, not only common people, but these days several of celebrities too have been showing ardent interest in the custom-tailor clothing as they have rocked several of bespoke outfits at numerous occasions. Celebs such as Jessica Biel, Angelina Jolie, Barrack Obama, David Beckham, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Aniston, and many more, couldn’t remain untouched of its charm, and keep surprising the world with tailor-made attires at awards functions, movie launch events, promotional events and many others.

And as it happens, with celebs catching up with the bespoke trend, its fever is rising among the others as well, and now custom-tailored outfits are swiftly turning into the most sought after pieces. Here is an infographic that depicts the custom tailored suits love among celebrities:

Custom suiting trends among celebrities

What’s so special about the tailor-made garments?

Comfort: As apparel is stitched as per the accurate body measurements, hence they are greatly comfortable, with no sign of uneasiness and the wearer can wear them for long hours. Hence, if you’re looking for office-clothing options, nothing is better than bespoke.

Great options: Earlier, custom-tailoring was synonymous to formal suits; however, with changing times, today it offers great varieties and serves both men and women. For men, there are options like Suits, Shirts, Pants, Blazers, Tuxedo Suits, Overcoats, Vests, Tuxedo Shirts, Ties, while women loves splurging on stitched-to-fit Suits, Blouses, Overcoats, Pants, Dresses, Skirts and Jackets.

Elegance: Comfort doesn’t mean casuals, as bespoke provide this fabulous alternative of being absolutely suave, still at ease. So for the sharp, clean and graceful look, go for it. The tailors choose fine fabric and materials in order to provide the best quality services with the suits being well-cut and flawlessly stitched, so that perfect fit is attained.

Marty’s is where high-quality tailoring services are provided and we endeavor to offer nothing less than excellence. We keep coming up with many of special offers for our customers as well as prospects and the order process is effortlessly simple. So, get the right fit that suits you well with us!

Are You a Fashion Laggard or Trendsetter?

A popular saying goes ‘Courage favors the brave’ and likewise laggards are slow pace movers who cannot adapt to the pace of consistent change. Fashion in many ways depicts and moves fast and one can easily be left behind in the style stakes. So question yourself; how do you know and tell what is in fashion and what is not? Are you a fashion laggard or are you a trendsetter with your pulse tuned into the latest hot designs and styles.

For latest custom suit designs and styles shopping at BTS Nana is an engaging experience that sets in the trendsetter and marks out your style and appeal. But why is it common place to see many wearers struggle to break the fashion faux pas (debacle and mistake)? What are the characteristic traits of a trendsetter and laggard? These points iron out some strength and positives of each choice.

Characteristics of Laggards and Trendsetters

  • Trendsetters are knowledgeable to the minute details of quality fabrics, good stitches, service quality and aspire for uncompromising top class finished products. Laggards are consensual to what lies in between and can take anything that fits and looks good. They compromise on several aspects of their look.
  • Laggards are slow to adapt to new fashion trends and care less of modern fashion styles or image. Trendsetters are ever conscious of their image, new fashion trends and are ever adapting something new in their wardrobe for their defining style.
  • Passionate trendsetters are creative, innovative and move with the pulse of the season to present themselves each time in a new light and way. They strive for attention and detail. Laggards are slow to accept the new styles and need time to grow into mode of acceptance or adapting.

Overall, for trendsetters latest custom suit style trends are a standard whereas for the laggards compromise standards.