How Do Modern Bespoke Blouses Complement Women Wardrobes?

Today, like most designer apparel and clothing, women’s bespoke blouses and shirts come with special attachment and sentiment alluded to proper style, fit and comfort. They try to effortlessly communicate the dress statement and the style bearings and preferences of the wearer.

Much of the shopping at central Bangkok is on the bespoke circuit of acclaimed Bangkok tailors. With an impressive array of quality fabrics, styles and designs, stitching and finishing the details always depends on the finesse or expression. A few of these can be a starting point.

Essential and Proper Fits Attributes of Women’s Custom Blouses

Custom blouses and shirts have been used by women for several generations now. And the metamorphosis of this women’s dress bears an interesting and lasting style adaptation legacy over the centuries.

 Long, Short Sleeve and Sleeveless Blouses

 Bangkok fashion tailors

Sleeve cut with precise determination of women’s size and fit, sleeves and sleeveless blouses add versatile statements to appearance as they adopt dynamic and wholesome changes in women’s styles through multiple colors and designs.

Elbow Sleeve Clasp and Flaps

Women tailors in Bangkok

The work environment concept demands and needs sometimes to roll up the sleeves and still keep tidy and neat with a nice loop, clasp or band. This makes for a diminutive style statement as one change’s from one look or appearance.

Pocket less, Single and Double Pockets  

Custom tailors for women in Bangkok

This is a feminine, stylish, graceful,and rugged appeal to modern women’s functional pocket blouses and dress shirts. Apart from their convenience of carrying small change (currency) and bits of paper they look quite smart and adaptable to the modern working womans manner of dressing and styling.

Pocket blouses or shirts are a casual and formal option in a variety and range of colors and quality fabrics.


How Do Your Dresses Define Your Body Shape?

Women’s bespoke dresses are a lively and an ‘electric touch’ to any woman’s wardrobe and they are great style enhancers not just for the image but also daily routine of life. Dressing well accomplishes two major and important aspirations; apart from style and image enhancement it’s powerful statement of individuality. But essentially there is a lot of reference to body shape as a crucial factor to determine your best choice dress. Therefore, Bangkok tailor custom dresses will show your creative and personal best in light of your choices and options. Be it colors, fabrics, designs and styles there is a lot going for dressing to impress and making a powerful style statement.

Hourglass Shaped Button Down Dress 


The most appreciative part about the dress shape is its versatile accentuation to a woman’s appearance and confidence. It gives due diligence and flatter to lift the sartorial look from the top to the bottom.

Oval Shaped Floral Button Dress

This dress provides shape and creative appeal from the top top part by accentuating the upper with the lower in a flayered design and style. The dress’ main appeal and plus point is achieving a fine balance between the upper torso and the lower bottom.    

Pear Shaped Pink Dress

Wider at the hips and slimmer at the top naturally draws interest in custom dresses that flatter their body shape.

Rectangular Body Shape Black Dress

For wide shouldered and taller women the dress impression creates a fine balance between height and the natural disposition of features by balancing the upper torso with the height in fitting and defined measurement. Adding another classic assortment are the short sleeves and the heart-shaped neckline for good measure. It’s a classical dress for the casual and semi-casual dress statement. For better look it works well knowing what dresses fit and define you in all the right areas.

Custom-tailored attires are ruling the wardrobe of most celebrities nowadays [Infographic]

Tailoring is an art that adds life to the material, enriching it and enhancing the personality of the wearer. Today its trend has reached all new heights with more and more fashion-conscious people showing keen interest in bespoke tailoring. This is one trend, most people can keep track with, as there is a great collection suit styles, patterns and fabrics, one is free to opt for. With suits, shirts, coats, blouses, overcoats, pants, skirts, tuxedo suits, jackets, overcoats, there is something for everyone and the custom tailors serve both men and women, as well as people of all age-groups.

In fact, not only common people, but these days several of celebrities too have been showing ardent interest in the custom-tailor clothing as they have rocked several of bespoke outfits at numerous occasions. Celebs such as Jessica Biel, Angelina Jolie, Barrack Obama, David Beckham, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Aniston, and many more, couldn’t remain untouched of its charm, and keep surprising the world with tailor-made attires at awards functions, movie launch events, promotional events and many others.

And as it happens, with celebs catching up with the bespoke trend, its fever is rising among the others as well, and now custom-tailored outfits are swiftly turning into the most sought after pieces. Here is an infographic that depicts the custom tailored suits love among celebrities:

Custom suiting trends among celebrities

What’s so special about the tailor-made garments?

Comfort: As apparel is stitched as per the accurate body measurements, hence they are greatly comfortable, with no sign of uneasiness and the wearer can wear them for long hours. Hence, if you’re looking for office-clothing options, nothing is better than bespoke.

Great options: Earlier, custom-tailoring was synonymous to formal suits; however, with changing times, today it offers great varieties and serves both men and women. For men, there are options like Suits, Shirts, Pants, Blazers, Tuxedo Suits, Overcoats, Vests, Tuxedo Shirts, Ties, while women loves splurging on stitched-to-fit Suits, Blouses, Overcoats, Pants, Dresses, Skirts and Jackets.

Elegance: Comfort doesn’t mean casuals, as bespoke provide this fabulous alternative of being absolutely suave, still at ease. So for the sharp, clean and graceful look, go for it. The tailors choose fine fabric and materials in order to provide the best quality services with the suits being well-cut and flawlessly stitched, so that perfect fit is attained.

Marty’s is where high-quality tailoring services are provided and we endeavor to offer nothing less than excellence. We keep coming up with many of special offers for our customers as well as prospects and the order process is effortlessly simple. So, get the right fit that suits you well with us!

Are You a Fashion Laggard or Trendsetter?

A popular saying goes ‘Courage favors the brave’ and likewise laggards are slow pace movers who cannot adapt to the pace of consistent change. Fashion in many ways depicts and moves fast and one can easily be left behind in the style stakes. So question yourself; how do you know and tell what is in fashion and what is not? Are you a fashion laggard or are you a trendsetter with your pulse tuned into the latest hot designs and styles.

For latest custom suit designs and styles shopping at BTS Nana is an engaging experience that sets in the trendsetter and marks out your style and appeal. But why is it common place to see many wearers struggle to break the fashion faux pas (debacle and mistake)? What are the characteristic traits of a trendsetter and laggard? These points iron out some strength and positives of each choice.

Characteristics of Laggards and Trendsetters

  • Trendsetters are knowledgeable to the minute details of quality fabrics, good stitches, service quality and aspire for uncompromising top class finished products. Laggards are consensual to what lies in between and can take anything that fits and looks good. They compromise on several aspects of their look.
  • Laggards are slow to adapt to new fashion trends and care less of modern fashion styles or image. Trendsetters are ever conscious of their image, new fashion trends and are ever adapting something new in their wardrobe for their defining style.
  • Passionate trendsetters are creative, innovative and move with the pulse of the season to present themselves each time in a new light and way. They strive for attention and detail. Laggards are slow to accept the new styles and need time to grow into mode of acceptance or adapting.

Overall, for trendsetters latest custom suit style trends are a standard whereas for the laggards compromise standards.

Choose Three Piece Custom Suits with Right Vests

Suit vests are the archetypical fashion accessories that highlight your true knowledge and connoisseur of excellent tailoring quality. The custom suit vests have often been a matter of foregone conclusion approach but as perfection takes every detail seriously these 3 piece suit character enhancers are a great way to build true character defining look and design.

Tailors in Bankok

Bangkok tailors always present opportunities to build solid looking three piece custom suit designs when a suits personality and look is built around a strong sense of personal style. The graceful and amazing textured vest designs bring out the gentle and perfect way to sartorial elegance. Bangkok tailors between Sois 8 and 10 Klongtoey is marvel for vest enthusiasts.

Three Piece Vest Designs and Best Ways to Wear

V-Shaped Neckline, Slit Pockets and Pointed Bottom

The style of wearing three piece suits accords these unique three piece vests the presence of modernity steeped in traditional single breast suits that are remarkable for formal enhancement. They can look fantastic with notched lapel coats especially with higher cut.

High Neckline, Slit Pockets and Round Bottom

High necklines are prominent with higher cut suits or three button single breast suits. Although an adventurous dresser may attempt it even with the 2 button traditional suits they are majestic and flamboyant with a taller person.

Round and V-Shaped Collar, Slit Pockets and Pointed Bottom

The scoop like vest is primarily for a leisurely but typically formally look minus sacrificing the good nature of three piece suits.

V-Shaped Neckline, Flap Pockets and Round Bottom

 With collars still appearing high uniqueness is the difference of the pockets attribution that makes them stand out.

V-Shaped Neckline, Slit Pockets and Round Bottom

Round bottom just like the above vests are a new softer formality.

Notch Lapel, Slit Pockets and Sharp Bottom

The lapel effect is relaxed but sharp given the image it attempts to portray.

Shawl Collar, Slit Pockets and Sharp Bottom  

Tuxedos gain higher sense of celebrated style with these vets as the cut is lower like most low cut coats. They are a relaxed and differentiating point from the common or standard suit vest.

8 Reasons Why Creating a Personalized Wardrobe Helps

A common saying goes “There is more to appearance”. When people dress well it silently communicates the inner person. That’s why creating a personalized wardrobe that reflects the true style quotient and personality is beneficial in many ways. For Bangkok tailors the magnificence lies in the way one carries himself / herself with an added touch of personalization.

shopping at Bangkok

Many times building a certain kind of wardrobe may reflect and project a different image and persona. Given the various designs, fabrics and accessories stocked by most central Bangkok tailors, there are many reasons and benefits to building a personalized wardrobe that projects the right image.


Clothes are always made in high quality and durable fabrics with finesse and masterly attention to detail of the master tailors. This reflects the attention and the craft of experienced and passionate tailors.


Classical Bangkok designs render the clothes and the custom suits and dresses a different level of authentic wear.


The definitive measurements and fits of most clothes come with the custom signature of the tailors. Attributes that gives a deeper classification and trendy styling.

Creative Interaction

Each clothing ensemble is an opportunity to interact with the tailor regarding any creative additions to your outfits.

Record of Fits

Comprehensive recording of all personal detailed measurements and fits makes future orders possible, allowing for detailed and precise measurements.

Signature Style

A custom suit and dress come with the distinctive signature and flair of the tailor’s adding a stylish look and image.

Stylish Accessories

Diverse blend and fusion of stylish embellishments and accessories that best go with one’s sense of self. The accessories like cufflinks, ties, pocket squares, tie bars, etc. add a plausible effect to appearance.

A quality, timely service makes for all the right decisions that can enhance the need to always dress well further.

Putting some improvement in appearance can also be one way of improving social life.

Is There Anything Like Suit Stance and Design Character

Many times there is confusion between suit design character and suit stance.  The way the suit is stitched and dressed forms to a large extent its portrayal of the wearer’s visage and look. These broad aspects make it look ideal on the wearer’s visage or form. The broad classification of how the custom suits are stitched and worn are the major points of engagement e.g. when sitting down, when standing up and when walking. Stress, creasing and folding are the starting points for the wear and tear of fibers and buttons.

Custom tailors bangkok

Difference Between Suit Stance and Design Character

-The stance of the suit is how it’s worn on any particular day, occasion or ceremony portraying a sentiment and the message. Design character is its original body of design embodying its look and style, buttons, cuffs, pleats, pockets and lapels.

-Stance can change with different suits and purposes for its wear, whereas on the other hand, design character is homogeneous (standardized) yet exudes a dynamic style statement on the wearer’s attitude.

-Stance is intangible but valuable which promotes the wearers potential and excellence in tastes whereas the design character of the suit can be altered, but its tangible and most often reflects the clients will in dress style. Essentially, what appeals to his / her sense of style.

-It’s predictable to tell the suit was specifically tailored for someone looking at how it makes him / her feel wearing it because its stance is aligned to his sense of personality yet a few etiquettes highlight rich taste, refinement, formality and elegance.

Example of Custom Suit Stance

-Always leave front lower button unbuttoned

-Formally accessorize with pocket square, cufflinks, lapel pins and ties and tie bars

-Attitude, moods and disposition of the wearer

-Right suit for the right function and ceremony

Example of Design Character and Look

-Single or double breast design and look.

-Four button working cuffs

-Notched, shawl or peak lapels

-Flap, patch and slit pockets with ticket pockets

Read more here about Custom Suit Crests

What Makes Custom Dresses Fashionable in Summer?

Summer is always vibrant and this explains the color and choice of clothes to wear. Prevalence of fresh blossoms, fruits and tasty ice cream flavors a generous dose of sunshine; fashion finds exuberant expression in the colors of nature. Bangkok custom tailors colorful floral dresses, orange and yellow inspirations, blue motifs and background canvases, nature textured prints, natural greens and as many colorful designs are apt for the season’s vibrant and alive feel.

custom tailors in thailand

The summer dress is always a woman’s best fashion accessory to comfortably beat the heat of the summer and the best way to strike a stylish look even at the height of the rising tide of the mercury.

Look Fashionable in Summer and Stay Cool

Breathability and Comfortability

When it comes to fashion nothing trades for the perfect fit and comfort. Sweltering heat can be fatal and unsettling, even in the most highly priced outfits. But dresses combine these two essentials in equal measure to gift a perfect sartorial fillip.

Elegant Appeal of Summer Dresses

There’s an elegant appeal to the dress that no matter the season, it strikes the chord of harmony and stylishness. Being the hot weather ensembles they complement and take women’s beauty and attraction to another level.

Vibrant Color Choices and Trends

Color, designs, depth and feminine looks fascinate the fairer gender, but much more so the men. Colors evoke positive sentiments and are like life itself. With the variety of nature’s color tones, it’s no surprise it’s such a big factor. Trends are also largely followed to update the wardrobe regularly and remove any stale and outdated fashion designs.

Classic Chic of Dresses in Summer

Rendered in classic cuts and fitting design they are the ode to stylishness. There are many fabrics and materials to choose from. They enhance the feminine look and appeal.

Fit for Most Social Occasions

Dresses can be adapted to fit most social gatherings and functions with a stylish aura. They are easy to pop on and seamlessly fit women’s disposition for adaptability and unique elegance.

Easily Accessorized and Matched

Perhaps the biggest plus is the accessory aspect of women’s dress. Rich in color trends and designs, mixing and matching with precious and semi precious jewelry can give women delightful looks.

Custom Ties Today – Overview

From being a royal infatuation of King Louis XIII from Croatian mercenaries to the basic standard for men’s sartorial accessory. The modern day tie is a classic story in evolution of the most versatile piece of clothing and accessory. The ‘La Cravate’ today bears significant difference and character to its original character. Some interesting aspects of its evolution hold forth.

Custom Ties

Early Assemblage and Wear Today

Cravats or ‘Le Cravate’

Essentially worn by the Croatian mercenaries in the 17th century for the war aiding the King of France Louis XIII they were aiding the military wear of the Croatians hold up part of their military attire.

The Tie Transition

Many tie fashions and cuts evolved and came up in the 1920s – 30s to present a longer and thinner strip of cloth. Although knots and size often differed there was a formal acceptance of the tie the way it looks today. Size and length of tie were other areas of the ties character.

Art Decoration and Inspiration

Ties spotted inspirational captions and art depictions for stylishness and uniqueness in the changing dynamic of its 1930s embrace. The captions alluded to several themes and cultural allegories of the day and were worn shorter famously spotting the Windsor knots.

Shift to Colors and Illustration’s

The next decade didn’t evince much change but deeper hues and photographic depictions on ties became more norm than earlier. An effort at interpreting perhaps the changing environment of post world war II fashion sensibility.

Significant Shift in Tie Design

Following were slimmer ties in exact complement to the emergence of leaner and right fit suits of the 1950s.The tie and custom suits embraced an assimilation of form and became partners to enhance style.

Adaptation and Improvisation

Having adapted several looks to the tie the 1970 s were on the margins of tie adapted for several other attire combinations. Wider, broader and in several fabrics ranges.

Back to Formality

Ties re-engineered a comeback in the 1990s with solid looks of formality appeal and truly exuding passion. Although ties achieved a standard width and length.

Essential Look Today

Standard tie size range from 3.25-3.5 inch range, slim ties 1.5-2.5 there are versatile cuts, fabrics and designs. Perhaps what have emerged are knit fabric ties.

Epitome of Elegance

Elegance is the art of putting together two elements of pieces of cloth creating a marvel for the excellence in the art of custom suit design. Thai tailors trend to bring about path breaking evincing of design in the area custom suit design. Fitting figures may be challenging to translate metaphorically eclectic designs and ensembles.

Custom tailors in Bangkok
The epitome of elegance therefore takes into account passionate application of the essence that captures the exuberance and the voracious appeal of suits main points to pick out the flaws and enhance the sartorial elegance of the wearers appearance appreciating in minimalist albeit significant sartorial elegance.

Classic Elements of Elegance

Themes may interest to some extent but the essence of elegance and appeal will be seen from the perspective of appropriate attire. There are pointers to that level of elegance that unmistakably guide to making the right foot forward in elegant appearance.

Quality and Variety of Choice Fabrics

Quality fabrics especially in classic colors, material and ranges of feels are the foundation for epitome of elegance. The artwork, designs and the process of building personas from the smallest item of the ensemble elevates the endeavor.

Hand Made Finesse and Passion

Delicate handmade crafts and finishing on art pieces reflects passion and endeavor to perfect to the best possible outcome as possible. It is an attempt in carrying out the exercise of exquisite design with the nimblest finger exercise as possible. Its eclectic, committed and ensures the quality due to elegant master pieces.

Classic Fitting and Design

Fitting is primary to custom suits and any disfigurement on account of wrong fits ruins the perfect show of character. It sets the tone for classic design, translates easily the image and impression that the wearer seeks to put across in the most easy and effective manner.

Fundamental to Bangkok tailors is the desire for that step up to affordable long lasting custom suit luxury. A look all men and women of substance yearn largely to exude.