Custom Suit Crests

A crest is the peak / crown aspect to an ensemble giving prominence and primacy. There are behaviors hard to break from try as you might to justify the new norm as standard and modern. Custom suit crests however, define, attribute, add shine and elegance to modern aesthetics (way something looks in terms of pleasant nature) and the reinvention of the common designs.

custom tailored suits for men

For Thai tailors crests are the differentiating ideal to make outstanding and unique crafts. There’s always the appeal, grace and grading factor for suits but crests aren’t just ordinary pluses to ensembles – they are epitome and definitive.

Types of Crests

Jacket Lining

Jacket liners in remarkable and sound colors will highlight the stature and the bold themes of the suits. There is some projection of different attitude with well done jacket liners for casual and relaxed look.

Pocket Square

This is a folded protruding and decorative piece of cloth in the breast pocket that lends due prominence with appeal and unique attributes to the coat. Its appeal complements the character and the overall ensemble of the suit and personality. Suits highlight the essence and poise.

Tuxedos Themes

Be they the lapels, collars and cuffs or pant linings that highlight the tailors theme for the tuxedo, if done with expert application finesse and emphasis hold out on crest substance.

Seam Design

Good seam stitching can create enhanced creativity which makes custom suits look special and inspired. The stock of reserve fabric on the joint must not be excessive to create excessive bulge rather emphasize precise fits and correct measurements.

Button Hole Emphasis

Buttons open, embrace and release parts of suits to create a sartorial elegance. A flowing and unifying theme for a buttoned, suited up persona. This crest portion adds unique value as well appearance.

From this simple illustration crests are the crowning glory to an already great suit adding vital sheen and shine.


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