Ensuring Proper Custom Suit Measurements

Measurements accomplish a lot even before the first stitch touch the fabrics. Like solid foundations for a house or building, stitching with precise and good fittings ensures better draping suits. Perfect fitting suits remain a function of inseparable.

The most daunting and challenging stitch is the torso as it takes patience and persistence. Yet shopping at BTS Nana tailors the most innovative opportunity for crafting great suits awaits and beckons.


Good and Correct Measurements

Coat Length (Front and Back)

Taking correct coat length both in the front and back builds better and more customized coats around specific body size and height. The front and back sides also determine suit drape properties.

Trouser Length (Inseam, Outer Seam, U Crotch and Cuffs)  

Good trousers length is important for the suits look and fluency. Great fitting trousers look remarkable and pronounced.

Vest Sizes

The three piece suit vests are iconic and well proportioned to body height normally in five buttoned fronts. Although six buttons exist preference of the wearer determines final choice.

Full and Half Shoulders

Shoulders measured from standing position greatly enhance the shirt as well as the coats drape abilities. Besides, they highlight ultimate comfortable fitting suit appearance.

Front and Back

The coats front and back, shirt and vest sizes are good for snug but comfortable suits. They ensure suits add that protective layer to your skin and modesty.

Neck, Collar and Shoulders

Nothing is unflattering as sagging, baggy and large collar sizes with gaping ill fit. Good measurements align seams and body shape.

Chest Span

Chest measurements are expansive and define the coats majestic stance well. Correct chest measurements are fundamental to great drape properties.

Stomach and Waist Size

Precise fitting around the waist and stomach ensures suits none sagging or loose ill fitting suits.

Hip Perimeter

Some style influences on the hips make strides more comfortable and enjoyable with less friction on the pant cuffs.

Sleeve and Cuff Size

Correct coat and shirt sleeve length and shirt sleeve length add perfect statement of fit.

Comfortable Fabrics in Humid Environments

Humidity increases the chances for the limited breathability of the skin and the expression of the body leading to increased perspiration. As the precipitation increases in the sky leading to the increased body perspiration chances are that it shows on the fabrics. This can be an eyesore with white patches of salty sweat effect reflected on any effervescent and vibrant fabric shirt. There are many ways to wear a shirt with a great deal of decency and maintain the high standards of sartorial exuberance.

Custom Suit Fabric

These few fabrics have been and are a common staple with most central Bangkok tailors as an active ingredient for the suits and clothing that keep you cool even as the heat multiplies and intensifies.

Cotton – A natural fiber fabric combining excellent properties of absorbency, breathability and light or tender feel make it ideal wear in high humidity. Sometimes maintaining cool even in extreme sweaty environments and retaining the hue or look it becomes a better choice even as it also allows fresh air to pass through. That keeps the skin pores both cool and body temperature well regulated. Cotton has many variations depending on the weave, fiber lengths and the dyes.     

Hemp – Is another natural fiber fabric from the cannabis sativa. Although not as versatile and strong as cotton it still gives some basic breathability.

Rayon – The fabric made from natural cellulose through chemical process make it soft and cool. It tries to match the caliber of natural fabrics like cotton and linen but has short lifespan. Dry clean is good for its longevity, retention of its properties and providing comfort and breathability.  

Linen – Flax plant fabric has been around for century’s advancing with refinement and better methods of production. Its properties are more or less like cotton if in higher and better grades. Infact its considered lighter though with faster wrinkling and creasing. This fabric has been used for many purposes even as early as the Egyptian civilization for the mummification of departed royals. Its rich texture look has been enhanced with some innovation in fabric technology to get the fabric we see today with rich absorbency and breathability.        

Most cotton offshoot fabrics like corduroy, flannel, seersucker and terrycloth are comfortable.            

Best Fabric Tones and Image Projection they Offer

Dressing styles are different and preferred fabric colors vary. Fabric tones are very important in custom dressing as one tries an image makeover. Regular, exotic and rare look colors make big statements as one puts the best stylish foot forward.

Some Bangkok tailors fabrics show how best to match up putting importance on choice and particular image projection while shopping in central Bangkok.

shopping at central Bangkok

Custom Suit Fabric Hues and Image Makeover

Charcoal Gray
Among muted yet sophisticated colors with exquisite appeal and attraction. The suits radiate power, authority, stability and professionalism. They are excellent choices for first time suits for youth. Lighter than black or navy blue when placed together they are acceptable in most business gatherings. They are adaptable to match most color shirt.

Light Gray
Spring and summer color that doesn’t draw attention to wearer but shows suave personality and confidence. Light gray is a perfect choice for many complexions. Light gray is appropriate year round. The matches well with white, light blue, and several pale color shirts.

Navy Blue
Quintessential office-wear suits as seen on the bourses, corporate offices and boardrooms. Perfected in stripes as the office and business wear suits. They properly project youth, intellect and sharpness.

White matches most save the very light complexions. Summer’s best color offers opportunity for clean crisp look. The pure wear white suits are confidence boons.

Brown has light and deep chocolate hues. Most men look outstanding in earthy tones making brown suits classical wardrobe part. Brown tones weren’t taken serious colors for business wear tweed and sports coats come best in the color.

Non-flashy than white yet attracts attention apart from repetitive wear showing sartorial excellence. Chocolate suits form spring and summer perfect wear and in warm climate appropriate all year. Chocolate suits align with white, light blue and pale pastel shirts complementing dark ties.

Intermediate between gray and brown offering versatility in wardrobes to maintain professional appearance. Useable all-year it’s little or less dressy than charcoal suits yet likely to bring compliments for ability to flatter men’s finer features.
Fabric colors are still personal choices and what one feels comfortable wearing.

Choose Three Piece Custom Suits with Right Vests

Suit vests are the archetypical fashion accessories that highlight your true knowledge and connoisseur of excellent tailoring quality. The custom suit vests have often been a matter of foregone conclusion approach but as perfection takes every detail seriously these 3 piece suit character enhancers are a great way to build true character defining look and design.

Tailors in Bankok

Bangkok tailors always present opportunities to build solid looking three piece custom suit designs when a suits personality and look is built around a strong sense of personal style. The graceful and amazing textured vest designs bring out the gentle and perfect way to sartorial elegance. Bangkok tailors between Sois 8 and 10 Klongtoey is marvel for vest enthusiasts.

Three Piece Vest Designs and Best Ways to Wear

V-Shaped Neckline, Slit Pockets and Pointed Bottom

The style of wearing three piece suits accords these unique three piece vests the presence of modernity steeped in traditional single breast suits that are remarkable for formal enhancement. They can look fantastic with notched lapel coats especially with higher cut.

High Neckline, Slit Pockets and Round Bottom

High necklines are prominent with higher cut suits or three button single breast suits. Although an adventurous dresser may attempt it even with the 2 button traditional suits they are majestic and flamboyant with a taller person.

Round and V-Shaped Collar, Slit Pockets and Pointed Bottom

The scoop like vest is primarily for a leisurely but typically formally look minus sacrificing the good nature of three piece suits.

V-Shaped Neckline, Flap Pockets and Round Bottom

 With collars still appearing high uniqueness is the difference of the pockets attribution that makes them stand out.

V-Shaped Neckline, Slit Pockets and Round Bottom

Round bottom just like the above vests are a new softer formality.

Notch Lapel, Slit Pockets and Sharp Bottom

The lapel effect is relaxed but sharp given the image it attempts to portray.

Shawl Collar, Slit Pockets and Sharp Bottom  

Tuxedos gain higher sense of celebrated style with these vets as the cut is lower like most low cut coats. They are a relaxed and differentiating point from the common or standard suit vest.