How to Make Elaborate Style Statements in Custom Dress Pants

For most men perhaps dress pants are like the second skin they wear perfectly, often and admire to compare notes regularly. Shopping at BTS Nana for Bangkok tailor custom dress pants has a dramatic and unique way to exalt an individual dress statement. For here, there are always nuances, styles and designs that make any dress pant appear unique to each wearer.

So, in choosing the best dress pants which important style and design aspects make the highest impact visually?

Important Designs Aspects of Good Dress Pants

As vital parts of mens style statements, good dress pants should show and illustrate the true aspects of mans appearance in a coherent and progressive manner of styling and designing. These areas are vital for the look of the pants.

Waistline Fittings 

Waistlines are the quintessential determinant of great drape properties and affect the visual appeal of the dress pants. They are in essence the focal area to make a definitive style to individual fittings.

Fly Size and Seam Alignment

One of the glaring and common examples of bad stitch and tailoring are poor alignment of seam and stitch. For Bangkok tailors these are easily overcome with precise adherence to correct and defined sizes of the wearers body shape and size.

Thigh Size and Pant Length

Pleats or Flat Fronts Thigh Area Show Good Pant Fitting

When dress pants size and length connect there is an alluring appeal of appropriate dress style statement that is admirable. They create an impressive art in fitting fabric design whether single or double break fit, flat fronts, single or double pleats design.

Pockets and Hemlines

One of the most versatile and creative design statements of pants is the nature and appeal of pockets – front, side and back pockets. They add distinctive flavour and flair to pants amazing attraction and overall beauty.


What Style Aspects Count Most in Choosing Great Dinner Jackets?


Be it black tie or white tie; dinners, benefits, concerts, galas and awards functions there is and has always been long, enduring and unique style tradition. Almost all their own and inspired to great stylish plane and comportment– the dinner jacket or tuxedo. With high level of fine taste tremendous character of polish and finishing that brings an air of suave urbaneness and clean cut flamboyance on spotting a new tuxedo suit. For most wearers though the aspiration and attempt can be riddled with faux pas or grave ‘fashion treason’ if not injustice of what counts and what doesn’t take center stage.

And for many wearers shopping at central Bangkok, this is the platform to settle some potentially embarrassing ‘fashion mistakes’ with detailed stitch and craft at Bangkok custom tailors. So, potentially what design aspects makes great Bangkok tailor dinner jackets or tuxedos acclaim and confound or embarrass and disappoint.

Some of the Best Style Pointers to Great Dinner Jackets

 Precise Fit and Stylish Finish


One of the outstanding fine points of great Bangkok tailors tuxedos is a great marriage of stylish fit and the exacting premise of classical finish. Tuxedos are always about putting a commanding air of suave urbaneness and flamboyance that creates a sophisticated a yet understated style persona and statement.

 Lapel and Collar Designs


The most applauding and understated design aspect of the tuxedo suits perhaps, yet to great extents bringing colorful style is lapel orientation. They hold the attractive and enticing x-factors; bowties, correct collars and perfect placket design extent and emphasis.

Tuxedo Jacket and Pant Accents

There is an added style plus seeing tuxedo jacket accents personalized in the fashion tastes of any wearer. Be pocket high highlights, lapel piping or the eternal favourite pant side highlight. There are as many design aspects to make for great tuxedo styles.

What Questions Should Wearers Ask Before Buying Custom Suits?

Does the appeal to show your best custom dress look fill imagination or sometimes fascinate you? For stylish women shopping at central Bangkok, quite often it always comes down to the dress look and design that overrides all other considerations in choosing the right dress style. A good custom-made dress no doubt makes an impressive style statement and remains in the minds and the memory of admirers.

The craft and stitch Bangkok tailors is well acclaimed and moreover there is always a stylishly alluring appeal to any Bangkok custom tailor dress!! However in choosing the right custom-made dress, what’s the enduring and fascinating custom dress style should concern shoppers? Apart from tastes and colors these are obvious areas of focus.

Enduring and Fascinating Custom Dress Style Features

Quality Breathable Fabrics and Design Details

Even before the custom tailors put the first stitch to the fabrics there is always an appealing quotient to the fabrics appearance that’s enduring, eternal and fascinating.

Evocative and Resonant Color Tone

Although there’s a tendency to generalize the custom dress colors that all like the fact is custom-made dress style is personal. It shows an inner style sense or reflects the feelings of one dressers disposition to certain colors and designs. Most times these are colors that one relates to a deeper comfortable level.

Definitive Dress Shapes and Comfortable Designs

Custom-made dresses at the highest levels are the quality expression of one dressers sense of self and the flattering aspects of personality. Dress shape is also attuned to the wearer’s best sense of comfort and self-expression.

Personalized Dress Detail and Accessory

At the choice of the quality fabrics and style aesthetics (style, fitting, buttons, embroidery or lace work etc) there is a picture in the mind of how one looks in it. Making an advance detail of accessory accompaniments brings completeness to custom-made dress style.

Let your custom dress evoke good sentiments!!!!

Emphasizing Importance for the Right Dress Code and Tone

Quite often the need to look uniform and present a united stand and stance cuts through the ethos and ethics of many firms and organizations. Yet for many people still believe dress codes and tones are the sole concern of offices and companies. Appearing calm and collected in any dress code is also a matter of personal integrity.

There are points that the right dress code dwells on that are spot on specific and precise. As any suit shopping at BTS Nana, Bangkok attests these are unique and vital things to keep in mind.

Powerful Image Projection and Impression

single breasted, two buttons, notch lapels, one extra cash pocketbrownstone-glen-plaid-front (1)

Good Business Suits are More than Just Garb 

Does the need to appear amiable and personable (approachable) tickle your sense of dress and appearance? In certain fields of professional pursuit or career the right image determines and is critical in telling the level of success and failure. Image is everything a certain cliché goes and when observed critically it surely is. Building the right personal and individual dress code can affect and effect changes in ones professional growth and responsibilities.

Enhanced Public Perception and Formation of Opinion

single breasted, four buttons, notch lapelsfour-button

Potential for Leadership and Inspire Good Opinion

The fact still remains that we form opinions and perceptions of what we see in others dressed in; either leadership or managerial potential. That means there is a strong correlation between good qualities and dress sense. Also, good dress sense is connected to responsible behaviour. This perception and belief means a good dress is attached to enhanced public perception of good values.

Sound Basis for Professional Career Growth

double breasted, six buttons (two buttons toclose) peak lapelscanali-light-grey-stripe-double-breasted-stripe-suit-product-2-9696041-395393619_large_flex

Although there are as many other factors working in tandem or collaborating for good career growth cutting a god image works in favor to an extent. A good suit and clean cut looks should dwell and stay in the minds of certain professional circles and industry.

How to Pick and Choose the Right Pocket Square Style

A well stitched and dressed custom suit may bask in the limelight of glory; great fit, style and indeed the correct dress code for the occasion. Yet, occasionally there are some seemingly minor but significant style enhancers that ruin the suits pleasant flow of grace and charm — the pocket square.  Of all fashion mistakes many wearers do is carry out some outrageous combinations that shout and yell disaster and wrong!

pocket square styles

pocket square styles

First, there’s style etiquette for the humble piece of suit accessory and there are also style extras for its correct comportment. So, what is the style etiquette first of all for the pocket squares? And what is the correct way to spot it? These pocket square style enhancer tips are vital when shopping at BTS Nana.

Do’s for Pocket Square Style

  • Always contrast pattern, shade and color to tie.
  • Conveys specific attributes of custom suit properties.
  • Creates mutual, definitive and agreeable style tone to tie and suit
  • Folds creatively done to inspire style awe and appeal.

Don’ts for Pocket Square Style 

  • Don’t make similar color choices especially for ties and pocket squares.
  • Avoid extremely loud color casual tones on basic formal color tones
  • Ensure fold is resonant and co-ordinates to occasion and purpose

Why it’s Important to Follow the Right and Pocket Square Style

  • It gives a definitive and stylish addition to custom suits style
  • Refines a custom suits traditional and sharp features
  • Power pocket squares no doubt redefine power dressing
  • Exalt the proper custom suits comportment and presentation
  • Pocket squares are the most subtle yet eloquent aspect to custom suits

If they feels and gives proper rhyme and rhythm to tone and tenor of suits style and design pocket squares are more than just pocket accessories… they are powerful fashion and style statements.              



Significant Terms in Bespoke Pant Styling and Stitching

Buying Bangkok tailor bespoke pants is like a visit to any best garments shop except with a need to know some basic terms of reference. Men’s pants have been used for several generations and even as they continuously adapt new styles some things remain the same (at least name wise).

It’s these few terms of reference that may separate the difference between a stylish fitting pant and the precise appeal of custom made pants. For any shopping at central Bangkok ensures these standard terms aren’t far from the mind or comment.

Knowing Importance and Location of These Dress Pant Terms

Pants Fly


This is the front protective fold over the buttons or zip just below the pants waistline. It aligns with the seam to create a stylish look in bespoke pant stitch and styling and adding distinctive flair. It’s either reinforced with extra line of stitch or regular and ordinary stitch.

Single and Double Loop

nov242 Pant loops add extra style and zing to the pants overall look yet fundamentally exalt the proper fit and path for belts. They add the theme that exalts a pants appeal and make it desirable and worth wearing.

Single and Double Break


A single or double fold just above the shoe evokes in pants the stylish accolades that manifest impeccable and stylish design. Whether formal or semi casual dressing pant breaks add some unique styling that is purely personal.

Pant Drape


The seamless flow and appearance from waist down wards is another important aspect accorded the necessary attention. Some quality dress fabrics have better drape properties and disposition than others. That’s the essence of well turned and spurned quality yarn fibers showing remarkable attractive feel and look.

Seam Orientation


The appearance of fabric stitching of pants (inseam and outseam) whether zigzag, straight gives bespoke pants the mark of exceptional quality and appearance. Subdued thread stitch and the coherent flow of fabric color and thread combine to make admirable and attractive stitching work.

What is Fabric Texture and Feel in High Quality Fabrics?

Quite often, clients ask about the relevance and importance of fabric texture and feel in relation to stitching high quality fabric suits. The fact is that a fabrics texture reflects its visual appeal and the rational harmony that it generates when seen from a distance. Not all that looks good is appropriate to making a great business or formal wear attire. Yet, there are subtle hints in the inherent nature of the fabrics as a result of the interwoven fibers and yarns that determine their overall appearance and visual attractions.

Since, the passion and pull to dress and look good is universal many Bangkok tailors keep a tab on this interesting human trait. As any clients goes about choosing the right mix of shade and pattern shopping in central Bangkok these influences are important to observe for right choices.

Why is Fabric Texture and Feel Important in Right Fabric Choice?

The reason why quality fabrics are divided between single-ply and double-ply is the way threads and yarns are incorporated per square inch in the weaving process. Fabric texture is helpful for among other reasons; Reveals Inner Framework of Fibers and Yarns

Fiber framework and foundation determines many quality suit factors


Quality strong fibers tightly woven together form textiles that span long, create fabrics with durable properties and make great designs on the outside. Inner foundation of fibers is the base upon which some fabrics look great for custom design and tailored clothes.

Closely Interwoven Yarns Provide Versatile Strong Fabrics

Silk fabrics have excellent dye properties and color consistency

This is the good framework that makes durable and versatile fabrics showing all the excellent drape properties. Enhanced sheen and fabric color consistency and tone. Some fiber yarns absorb color better creating the delightful texture effect.

Do Tie Colors Really Matter in Making Right Sartorial Statements?

Red or Blue, Yellow, Purple or Violet; the tie color debate seems a continuous discourse to show which provides the best show of sartorial correctness or apt statements. Its true tie color for custom suits is an absolutely important area for the right way to enhance ones sartorial definiteness and appearance. These is the hallmark to gauge the depth and maturity of any wardrobe.

Tie color is directly connected to a fabrics emotive ability as well as the wearer’s style statement. In that sense tie color speaks volumes about the size of-

What Do Primary Tie Colors Symbolize or Say in Custom Dressing

Red: Traditions may defer yet secularly red embodies vigilance, heightened state of alert, attention and care. It’s the state of being on the mark, alert and aware to any possible danger lurking or even react in time to action or challenge. Given its high fidelity in sharp contrast to blue it’s the color that best exudes the spirit to action and readying for timely reaction.

custom ties

Best complimentary colors of red ties are white, black or cream and ivory shades

Blue: It signifies calm, peace, tranquil, honesty, sincerity or openness. The prevalent color of clear blue sky or even the ocean blue waters of the sea are remarkably calming and influencing patterns of thoughts and actions. Blue is associated with the elements of rest and repose.

custom tailors in Bangkok

Best complimentary colors for blue ties are black (contrast), white or colored dress shirts

Yellow: It testifies to fiery rays of sun, exuberance, prosperity and happiness. Even though for some it’s a spirit of fear and selfishness its engrossing presence is undeniable.


Best complementary colors for yellow ties are navy blue, purple or violet

Does Your Tie Color Say Anything About You or Wardrobe Choice?

  • Sometimes tie color is decoded to mean purpose, intentions or motives.
  • It may reflect honesty, truth and the willingness on one side.

How Do You Get Diligence of Color and Fabric Harmony?

Fabric colors are always emotive and speak tones of unspoken sentiment on the inside of each wearer’s silent moods and expressions. They are either tender, happy, creative, arty, reserved, extrovert or provide a whole lot of feeling and passion within each wearer’s moods. This finds perfect canvas of expression in fabrics and custom wear like suits, shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, tops, trousers, ties and bowties or even leather clutches, belts, shoes and many other accessories that bring completeness to the custom wear look.

For the majority of Thailand tailors, the versatile choice in fabrics is a reflection of this truism. Any adventurous shopping at BTS Nana is ever a rendezvous of multiplicity of color palates and the wearer’s color tone of comfort. Fabric colors always celebrate the impressions of life and here the expressions find ultimate ground for emotion.

How to Get Comfort, Right Color Tone and Craft Meticulous Wardrobes

-Choose Color Tones You Relate to Easily and are Comfortable With


In essence many special occasions like (black tie events or funerals) demand strict dress code. But for the office going and the daily routine achieving the right color dress pattern is all in the domain of personal choice and option. Colors should complement the essential inner personality and communicate the inert nature of the wearer. Blue, pink, yellow, cream or ivory, white, lavender, purple, red, orange, crimson, brown, grey, black, green,

-Try on as Many Colors and See if they Rhyme and Complement                            


Getting the right color tones and rhymes is a matter of trying on as many fabric dresses, blouses, shirts, skirts and pants to get proper color harmony. The essential drive for each color is rhyme, complement and fulfillment. This is an important part especially for custom made clothing.

-Build a Consistent but Varied and Dynamic Tone of Colors


They represent the different sides, shades to personality and therefore adapt to changes or shifts in moods. Fabric colors also are decisive way to tell your creative mind with cloth choices and options.

How Do Modern Bespoke Blouses Complement Women Wardrobes?

Today, like most designer apparel and clothing, women’s bespoke blouses and shirts come with special attachment and sentiment alluded to proper style, fit and comfort. They try to effortlessly communicate the dress statement and the style bearings and preferences of the wearer.

Much of the shopping at central Bangkok is on the bespoke circuit of acclaimed Bangkok tailors. With an impressive array of quality fabrics, styles and designs, stitching and finishing the details always depends on the finesse or expression. A few of these can be a starting point.

Essential and Proper Fits Attributes of Women’s Custom Blouses

Custom blouses and shirts have been used by women for several generations now. And the metamorphosis of this women’s dress bears an interesting and lasting style adaptation legacy over the centuries.

 Long, Short Sleeve and Sleeveless Blouses

 Bangkok fashion tailors

Sleeve cut with precise determination of women’s size and fit, sleeves and sleeveless blouses add versatile statements to appearance as they adopt dynamic and wholesome changes in women’s styles through multiple colors and designs.

Elbow Sleeve Clasp and Flaps

Women tailors in Bangkok

The work environment concept demands and needs sometimes to roll up the sleeves and still keep tidy and neat with a nice loop, clasp or band. This makes for a diminutive style statement as one change’s from one look or appearance.

Pocket less, Single and Double Pockets  

Custom tailors for women in Bangkok

This is a feminine, stylish, graceful,and rugged appeal to modern women’s functional pocket blouses and dress shirts. Apart from their convenience of carrying small change (currency) and bits of paper they look quite smart and adaptable to the modern working womans manner of dressing and styling.

Pocket blouses or shirts are a casual and formal option in a variety and range of colors and quality fabrics.