What is Fabric Texture and Feel in High Quality Fabrics?

Quite often, clients ask about the relevance and importance of fabric texture and feel in relation to stitching high quality fabric suits. The fact is that a fabrics texture reflects its visual appeal and the rational harmony that it generates when seen from a distance. Not all that looks good is appropriate to making a great business or formal wear attire. Yet, there are subtle hints in the inherent nature of the fabrics as a result of the interwoven fibers and yarns that determine their overall appearance and visual attractions.

Since, the passion and pull to dress and look good is universal many Bangkok tailors keep a tab on this interesting human trait. As any clients goes about choosing the right mix of shade and pattern shopping in central Bangkok these influences are important to observe for right choices.

Why is Fabric Texture and Feel Important in Right Fabric Choice?

The reason why quality fabrics are divided between single-ply and double-ply is the way threads and yarns are incorporated per square inch in the weaving process. Fabric texture is helpful for among other reasons; Reveals Inner Framework of Fibers and Yarns

Fiber framework and foundation determines many quality suit factors


Quality strong fibers tightly woven together form textiles that span long, create fabrics with durable properties and make great designs on the outside. Inner foundation of fibers is the base upon which some fabrics look great for custom design and tailored clothes.

Closely Interwoven Yarns Provide Versatile Strong Fabrics

Silk fabrics have excellent dye properties and color consistency

This is the good framework that makes durable and versatile fabrics showing all the excellent drape properties. Enhanced sheen and fabric color consistency and tone. Some fiber yarns absorb color better creating the delightful texture effect.


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