Do Tie Colors Really Matter in Making Right Sartorial Statements?

Red or Blue, Yellow, Purple or Violet; the tie color debate seems a continuous discourse to show which provides the best show of sartorial correctness or apt statements. Its true tie color for custom suits is an absolutely important area for the right way to enhance ones sartorial definiteness and appearance. These is the hallmark to gauge the depth and maturity of any wardrobe.

Tie color is directly connected to a fabrics emotive ability as well as the wearer’s style statement. In that sense tie color speaks volumes about the size of-

What Do Primary Tie Colors Symbolize or Say in Custom Dressing

Red: Traditions may defer yet secularly red embodies vigilance, heightened state of alert, attention and care. It’s the state of being on the mark, alert and aware to any possible danger lurking or even react in time to action or challenge. Given its high fidelity in sharp contrast to blue it’s the color that best exudes the spirit to action and readying for timely reaction.

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Best complimentary colors of red ties are white, black or cream and ivory shades

Blue: It signifies calm, peace, tranquil, honesty, sincerity or openness. The prevalent color of clear blue sky or even the ocean blue waters of the sea are remarkably calming and influencing patterns of thoughts and actions. Blue is associated with the elements of rest and repose.

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Best complimentary colors for blue ties are black (contrast), white or colored dress shirts

Yellow: It testifies to fiery rays of sun, exuberance, prosperity and happiness. Even though for some it’s a spirit of fear and selfishness its engrossing presence is undeniable.


Best complementary colors for yellow ties are navy blue, purple or violet

Does Your Tie Color Say Anything About You or Wardrobe Choice?

  • Sometimes tie color is decoded to mean purpose, intentions or motives.
  • It may reflect honesty, truth and the willingness on one side.


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