Significant Terms in Bespoke Pant Styling and Stitching

Buying Bangkok tailor bespoke pants is like a visit to any best garments shop except with a need to know some basic terms of reference. Men’s pants have been used for several generations and even as they continuously adapt new styles some things remain the same (at least name wise).

It’s these few terms of reference that may separate the difference between a stylish fitting pant and the precise appeal of custom made pants. For any shopping at central Bangkok ensures these standard terms aren’t far from the mind or comment.

Knowing Importance and Location of These Dress Pant Terms

Pants Fly


This is the front protective fold over the buttons or zip just below the pants waistline. It aligns with the seam to create a stylish look in bespoke pant stitch and styling and adding distinctive flair. It’s either reinforced with extra line of stitch or regular and ordinary stitch.

Single and Double Loop

nov242 Pant loops add extra style and zing to the pants overall look yet fundamentally exalt the proper fit and path for belts. They add the theme that exalts a pants appeal and make it desirable and worth wearing.

Single and Double Break


A single or double fold just above the shoe evokes in pants the stylish accolades that manifest impeccable and stylish design. Whether formal or semi casual dressing pant breaks add some unique styling that is purely personal.

Pant Drape


The seamless flow and appearance from waist down wards is another important aspect accorded the necessary attention. Some quality dress fabrics have better drape properties and disposition than others. That’s the essence of well turned and spurned quality yarn fibers showing remarkable attractive feel and look.

Seam Orientation


The appearance of fabric stitching of pants (inseam and outseam) whether zigzag, straight gives bespoke pants the mark of exceptional quality and appearance. Subdued thread stitch and the coherent flow of fabric color and thread combine to make admirable and attractive stitching work.


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