Is There Anything Like Suit Stance and Design Character

Many times there is confusion between suit design character and suit stance.  The way the suit is stitched and dressed forms to a large extent its portrayal of the wearer’s visage and look. These broad aspects make it look ideal on the wearer’s visage or form. The broad classification of how the custom suits are stitched and worn are the major points of engagement e.g. when sitting down, when standing up and when walking. Stress, creasing and folding are the starting points for the wear and tear of fibers and buttons.

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Difference Between Suit Stance and Design Character

-The stance of the suit is how it’s worn on any particular day, occasion or ceremony portraying a sentiment and the message. Design character is its original body of design embodying its look and style, buttons, cuffs, pleats, pockets and lapels.

-Stance can change with different suits and purposes for its wear, whereas on the other hand, design character is homogeneous (standardized) yet exudes a dynamic style statement on the wearer’s attitude.

-Stance is intangible but valuable which promotes the wearers potential and excellence in tastes whereas the design character of the suit can be altered, but its tangible and most often reflects the clients will in dress style. Essentially, what appeals to his / her sense of style.

-It’s predictable to tell the suit was specifically tailored for someone looking at how it makes him / her feel wearing it because its stance is aligned to his sense of personality yet a few etiquettes highlight rich taste, refinement, formality and elegance.

Example of Custom Suit Stance

-Always leave front lower button unbuttoned

-Formally accessorize with pocket square, cufflinks, lapel pins and ties and tie bars

-Attitude, moods and disposition of the wearer

-Right suit for the right function and ceremony

Example of Design Character and Look

-Single or double breast design and look.

-Four button working cuffs

-Notched, shawl or peak lapels

-Flap, patch and slit pockets with ticket pockets

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